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    Macau International Airport: Taipa, Macau

While a physically small airport, Macau International Airport is capable of handling a large amount of air traffic. The airport serves as a major transportation hub between Taiwan, mainland China, and southeastern Asia. The airport serves as the major transfer point for travelers throughout Asia, wherever their journeys take them.

All major Asian air carriers service Macau International Airport, as it stands as one of the most important transportation hubs in this part of Asia. Air Macau operates international flights to major cities in China, including Beijing and Shanghai, as well as to Taipei Singapore, and Tokyo. It also services destinations in South Korea. Other carriers, such as Air Asia, operate routes to other cities throughout southeastern Asia, like Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Manila, in the Philippines.

Nordwind Airlines, a European carrier, travels between Macau International Airport and Moscow, Russia. Thai Smile operates direct flights to Bangkok, Thailand. Two airlines, Jeju and Jin Air run service to Seoul, South Korea. EVA Air flies directly to Taipei, and Cebu Air travels to multiple destinations in the Philippines. Xiamen Airlines offers flights to regional centers in mainland China- Fuzhou, Hangzhou, and Xiamen- which is a convenient alternative for those whose travel plans do not take them to the eastern cities of Shanghai and Beijing. With all of these flights offered, Macau International Airport is one of the most convenient airports in Asia. There really is a flight to anywhere in eastern and southeastern Asia that you can imagine!

Despite Macau International Airport’s small physical size, it is capable of handling large numbers of travelers and the planes that ferry them. The airport is well equipped to handle any number of visitors, so do not shy away from it for fear of delays! Travel plans in southeastern Asia have never been easier to make and fulfill.