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Iroquois Park –

Distance from Louisville International Airport: 5.9mi

Providing well-over 700 acres in Louisville, Kentucky, Iroquois Park is scenic with city overlooks, a lake and woodlands to explore. Offering something for everyone, many amenities and features make this park a fun place for the entire family. The picnic areas have grills, shelters and horseshoe pits. The playground has excellent equipment for kids and a splash pool. A disc golf course, two basketball courts and an archery range are some of the outdoor sports facilities. Paths and trails are available for walking, hiking, running and biking. Locals and visitors to the city take time out in nature at Iroquois Park.

Kentucky Derby Museum
Kentucky Derby Museum

Kentucky Derby Museum –

Distance from Louisville International Airport: 2.9mi

One of the events that Louisville is best known for is the Kentucky Derby. Whether visitors can make it to the main event or not, they can visit the Kentucky Derby Museum and spend a few hours immersed in its rich history and traditions. A museum tour takes guests on the journey of a prize horse from birth to the honored champion circle. High-tech and interactive, the museum provides a wealth of fascinating facts and details about the sport of horse racing as well. Even those who are not lovers of horses will find the museum a captivating place to browse.

Louisville Mega Caverns –

Distance from Louisville International Airport: 3.4mi

Mega Caverns with room for about 50,000 people if threatened during the Cold War, the underground space is open from the middle of January through the end of October. During these months of the year, a fascinating and entertaining guided tour teaches the history and geology of this cavern. Adventure tours for those fit and old enough include navigating challenge bridges and zip lines. From mid-November through December, the caverns become an underground light display with around 750 figures brilliantly lit with holiday lights!

Louisville Zoological Gardens
Louisville Zoological Gardens

Louisville Zoological Gardens –

Distance from Louisville International Airport: 3.5mi

This zoo has about 1,500 animals and more than 30 acres of land. Botanical gardens are part of the landscape, and the property is well-kept. Some of the pathways are steep as the area’s terrain is hilly. The exhibits have animals and habitats from glacier lands, the Americas, Australia, Africa and various islands around the world. Some of the favorite animals are the gorillas and the meerkats. Very easy to get to from nearby freeways, individuals and families can come and spend a few hours or an afternoon admiring the gardens and learning about animals at the Louisville Zoo.

Old Louisville –

Distance from Louisville International Airport: 5.0mi

An impressive historic neighborhood encompassing about 40 blocks, Old Louisville is near the heart of the city. Almost all the buildings feature Victorian architecture, and a few buildings date from the early 1900s. Mansions and homes have been well-kept, restored and re-used for shops, restaurants, museums and residences. The city’s elite lived in this district until around the 1940s. Restorations began in the 1970s, transforming the area into a wonderful place to spend weekends and hold events. Festivals and other public happenings take place in certain streets, and people enjoy leisurely strolls in Old Louisville.