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    Luton Airport: Airport Way, Luton, Bedfordshire LU2 9LY, United Kingdom

Serving as one of the five major airports in England’s capital city, London Luton Airport is well connected to the rest of Europe and other parts of the world thanks to several major domestic and international airlines.

EasyJet is in control of the most extensive schedule at London Luton Airport. When speaking about the total annual passenger service, this company is considered the largest airline in the United Kingdom. In fact, EasyJet has its main corporate headquarters in the town of Luton on the outskirts of London. EasyJet specializes in connecting London Luton Airport with major European cities. This large domestic carrier offers trips to Berlin, Barcelona, Budapest, Geneva, Hamburg, Istanbul, Madrid, Milan, Paris, and Zurich. Additionally, EasyJet operates direct routes to smaller cities like Alicante, Bordeaux, Faro, Malaga, and Lisbon.

By offering direct trips to Sharm el Sheikh In Egypt and Tel Aviv in Israel, EasyJet dominates the limited service between London Luton Airport and the Middle East. On a limited time basis, EasyJet also takes its customers to vacation spots in southern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, this company operates flights to three Balearic Islands; Ibiza, Minorca, and Mallorca. Greek islands such as Corfu and Heraklion are some other popular seasonal destinations offered through this busy British company. Continental European resorts in Grenoble and Pisa are also exciting resort destinations on the seasonal EasyJet schedule.

Passengers at London Luton Airport have access to some of the best low-fare service from two major low-cost companies. Ryanair, an Irish airline, operates an air traffic corridor into major Eastern European destinations such as Bratislava, Tallinn, and Vilnius. Based in Dublin, Ryanair also invites passengers to the company’s home in Ireland’s capital city. The Canary Islands and Malta are some of the top resort options that are listed on the timetable of Europe’s largest low-cost airline.

Anyone using London Luton Airport also has access to more than 20 other low-fare destinations thanks to Wizz Air. One of Europe’s largest low-cost airlines specializes in direct flights to Eastern Europe. Based in Hungary’s capital city, Wizz Air naturally takes its customers to Budapest. The list of other major Eastern European cities on the Wizz Air schedule includes Belgrade, Bucharest, Gdansk, Prague, Riga, Sofia, and Warsaw.

London Luton Airport also receives charter service from two domestic airlines. Monarch Airlines and Thomson Airways specialize in non-stop flights to the Mediterranean region and other parts of Europe.