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    London City Airport: Hartmann Rd, Royal Docks, London E16 2PX, United Kingdom

London City Airport
London City Airport


London City Airport has one extra-long runway reaching 1,500 meters in length. With a masterplan for expansions up to 2030, the airport is constantly evolving. The location is strategic. The airport history is recent, and its interior is completely contemporary with the latest air transport and public convenience technologies. Facilities provide for the needs all types of passengers from infant to aged, business to disabled. London City Airport has been a success since it first opened and provides services for nearly 3,000,000 people every year.

In East London, this airport at Royal Docks of North Woolrich is not far from Canary Wharf, Gallions Point Marina, and The O2 arena. Well-used by those of London’s financial industry, London City Airport has its highest percentage of passengers coming from Zurich, Geneva, Amsterdam and Edinburgh. Still, people do come in from all parts of the globe because this airport is so convenient to downtown London.

History of the Airport

In the early 1980s, the London City Airport was first proposed by the London Docklands Development Corporation’s Chief Executive, Reg Ward. Plans were drawn and the proper permits obtained, and Prince Charles set the dedication foundation stone in May of 1986. One year later in May of 1987, the initial aircraft landed on the runway. Services for commercial airlines got underway within months and an opening celebration happened in October of the same year with Queen Elizabeth II officiating.

Well over 100,000 passengers made use of the airport within the first year, and that number doubled by 1990. The war in the Persian Gulf slowed travel for a couple years, but more than 500,000 passengers used London City Airport in 1995. Additional expansion of the runway area, ground transportation stations, and the terminal building happened over time. By 2009, direct flights began crossing the Atlantic Ocean to New York City.

Airport Facilities

In the terminal building, London City Airport has one terminal with 18 gates. For check-in, the airport has 22 desks as well as kiosks for self-service. The check-in area is found on the right side of the entrance in the terminal building. Then, the lounge for departure is on the first floor of the building.

Additionally besides the arrival concourse, the terminal provides many facilities and services like money exchange, restrooms that are accessible to the disabled, pay phones and luggage pick-up. The terminal also has business lounge areas and an office for lost property.

Parking at London City Airport

For passengers and visitors parking their vehicles at the airport, London City Airport has short and main stay parking. The short stay is closest, but the charge is more per hour than the main stay. The furthest point in the main stay parking is only 7 minutes from the terminal. Booking parking ahead of time online for short or main stays is a great idea as the rates are discounted. Then, those who park can pay for their parking at the barriers before leaving or inside the foyer of the terminal. Those with a Blue Badge for disability can park their car in either parking area at a discounted rate.

For motorcycles and bicycles, free parking is available. This parking area is across from the terminal building underneath the historic DLR viaduct.