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    Liverpool John Lennon Airport: Liverpool, L24 1YD, United Kingdom

Liverpool John Lennon Airport
Liverpool John Lennon Airport


The Liverpool John Lennon Airport is named in honor of the musician who gained fame as a member of the Beatles musical group. The airport is located within the Liverpool city limits along the banks of the Mersey River. It is about 7 miles from downtown Liverpool. With its passenger load in excess of the 5 million mark, Liverpool John Lennon is the 10th busiest airport in Great Britain.

History of Liverpool John Lennon Airport

The airport was first built in 1930 and was called Speke Airport in reference to the area where the airport was built. A terminal, hangars, and a control tower were built at the site in 1933.

When World War II hostilities commenced, Speke Airport was moved from commercial to military control by the Royal Air Force. The airport saw a great deal of action during the war. In addition to its use as an airfield. Speke Airport was the site of a bomber manufacturing center.

At the war’s conclusion, Speke Airport once again became an airport for commercial passenger use. A new runway was built in 1966, and a new terminal building was completed in 1986. The old terminal building was refurbished and is now used as a hotel.

Speke Airport was renamed in honor of John Lennon in 2002. To further honor Mr. Lennon, a large statue of the singer was erected near the check-in area.

In 2010, the airport completed a remodeling project. A new parking garage was also built at this time. Within the next few years, the entire airport is scheduled to expand with the addition of a new terminal and more services.

Airport Facilities

Currently, Liverpool John Lennon has only a single asphalt runway used for all flights. This runway is 7,497 feet in length.

Tourists arriving at the airport can easily gain information about all of the attractions in the Liverpool area. There is a Tourist Information Centre located on the terminal’s ground floor next to the Airport Information Desk.

The airport has Wi-Fi access available throughout all of the airport facilities. In addition, the airport provides Internet kiosks for those not traveling with a computer and want to go online.

The Aspire Premium Lounge is located at the Departure Center. The lounge is available for use by all passengers. There is a fee for entrance, but those wishing to use the lounge can pre-book and save money.

Once inside the lounge, passengers are provided with free drinks, snacks, and other menu items. Newspapers and magazines are also provided free of charge.

If traveling to Liverpool for business or a meeting, the airport has a conference center that can accomadate up to 80 people. Catering can be provided by the airport.

For those wishing to relax in a quiet environment, the airport’s Rainbow Garden is a great spot. Located outside of the Departure Lounge’s top level, the Rainbow Garden is a grassy area with flowers, shrubs, and trees. The Prayer Room is also near and is available for those of all faiths.

Parking at the Airport

All parking is a short distance from the terminal. Express Parking is designed for a short stop to pick up or drop off passengers. The Short Stay Car Park is designed to be used up to 3 days. The Long Stay Car Park is available for those taking long trips or flying internationally. The Premium Car Park is the closest lot to the terminal. This parking lot must be pre-booked online.