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Little Rock National Airport
Little Rock National Airport


Little Rock National Airport (LIT), recently renamed the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, is located about two miles from downtown Little Rock, the capital city of Arkansas.

The airport is considered a national rather than international airport because it has no direct flights to international locations. However, the airport does manage about 50 flights per day and over two million passengers per year, making it the biggest commercial airport in the state of Arkansas.

History of the Airport

The airfield, called Adams Field, is named after the late George Geyer Adams, a Captain in the Arkansas National Guard who served Little Rock as a city councilor and worked hard on behalf of the airport’s growth and development. The Arkansas National Guard used the airfield in the 1920s. Adams Field was first put into commercial service in the early 1930s, and the airfield was used as a training ground by the U.S. Air Force during World War II. The city, which owns the airfield, took it over again postwar and commercial flights resumed soon thereafter.

Airport Features

LIT has a 12-gate terminal but is in process of renovating to create four new gates. The current gates are situated with three on each long side of the terminal, and six arranged in a circle at the end of the terminal. The airport has three concrete runways and also a helipad to accommodate the helicopters that make up about one percent of the aircraft based there.

The airport has five baggage claim conveyer belts located on the first level of the terminal. The Visitor Information Center is also located on that first level. On the south end of the baggage claim area, passengers will also find a convenient Hotel-Motel Board with a list of nearby hotels that have shuttle service to and from the airport. For passengers needing cash, Automated Teller Machines are available on the first and second levels. The second level has a Customer Care Center, which will provide certain services, such as faxing, photocopying, and notarizing, for a fee.

A unique and pleasant feature at LIT is the squadron of “Airport Angels” who help passengers in the terminal. These are red-vest wearing volunteers whose goal is to assist passengers with any needs they may have while in the terminal. This includes working with passengers who are ill or handicapped and may need special assistance.

Like many airports, LIT is trying to phase in environmentally friendly practices. The airport already recycles almost 50 tons of cardboard and paper each year, and also works to gather scrap metals and to recycle electronic waste. They have begun the use of LED lights on the airfield as well.

Parking at Little Rock Airport

The airport has a variety of parking options, including a parking deck located on the second and third levels, Short-Term Lots labeled East and West, and the Long-Term Lot, located south of the actual terminal. Short-Term East is the option closest to the ticketing lobby. The Long-Term Lot provides shuttle service to and from the terminal. The Peanut Lot is located west of the terminal and does not include shuttle service. Valet parking is also available.