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Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 12.5km

This has been a popular pastime among a relatively small, wealthy elite from the Spanish Conquest to the present day. There is a great tradition to bet among the leading families of Peru (the same families who breed bulls on their haciendas) to hold fights in Lima during the months of October and November. They invite some of the world’s best bullfighters from Spain, Mexico and Venezuela, offering them up to $25,000 for an afternoon’s sport at the prestigious Plaza de Acho in Rimac. Tickets can be bought in advance from the ticket office block 2 of Huancavelica, or at the door an hour or so before the fights, which take place most Saturday and Sunday afternoons throughout the year.

Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor (formerly the Plaza de Armas)

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 12.2km

The main square and urban center of the city of Lima. Founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1535, it is surrounded by buildings dating from the colonial period: the Government Palace, the Cathedral and the City Hall. At the center of the complex is a magnificent ornamental bronze fountain designed by Antonio Rivas, dating from 1650, and bearing the coats-of-arms of Lima, Spain, and of the Viceroy Conde de Salvatierra. Recently renovated, the Square has recovered its traditional elegance and remains one of Peru’s special tourist attractions.

The Cathedral

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 12.1km

Tues-Sun 10-6.
Admission Charged for tour.
The conquistador Francisco Pizarro laid the first stone of the Cathedral on the day of the founding of Lima. The church was dedicated to Our Lady of the Ascension. Subsequently, it had to be rebuilt several times following earthquakes. Pope John Paul II crowned the statue of the Virgin of the Evangelization, a gift sent by King Carlos V of Spain, in a special ceremony during his visit to Peru in 1985. The Cathedral contains a Spanish baroque chapel and an exquisite ivory carving of Christ. Francisco Pizarro is said to be buried in the crypt of the church. The Bishop’s Palace adjoins the Cathedral.

Government Palace

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 12.3km

Private tours only.
Changing of the guard daily 11:45 am
Visitors’ entrance is on Jr. de la Unión.
The Government Palace stands on the site of the original palace built by Pizarro. It has served as the headquarters of all government officials since its construction. The Palace contains magnificent formal living rooms displaying works of art.

Municipal Palace

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 12.4km

Mon-Fri 8-3
Free Admission
Located on the site of the first town hall of the colony, its current construction dates back to 1939 and is the work of José Alvarez C., Emilio Harth Terré, and Ricardo de Jara Malachowski. Beautiful colonial style carved wooden balconies and stairways grace the elegant interior. The Municipality houses an important collection of Peruvian paintings and photographs, as well as the historical documents signed at the time of the founding of Lima. It also contains an impressive collection of paintings by the Peruvian artist Ignacio Merino (1817-1876) who left all of his works to the State.

Pancho Fierro Art Gallery

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 12.4km

The Pancho Fierro art gallery is located in Pasaje Santa Rosa. It is used by the cultural affairs section of the Cty of Lima to display photographs, paintings and costumes of old Lima.

San Francisco Church and Convent
San Francisco Church and Convent

San Francisco Church and Convent

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 13.2km

Located on the third block of Ancash Street Mon-Sun. 9:30-5:30 Forty-minute guided tours are offered of the monastery and its Catacombs Museum daily 9.30am-5.30pm Admission charged This colonial architectural complex built in the 17th century includes the Convent and Church of San Francisco and the Chapels of La Soledad and El Milagro. San Francisco’s vaults and columns are elaborately decorated with mudéjar Moorish-style plaster relief. It’s a majestic building which has withstood the passage of time and the devastation of successive earth tremors. The museum is inside the church’s vast crypts, which were only discovered in 1951 and contain the skulls and bones of some seventy thousand people. The Convent’s cloisters and front doors are decorated with authentic early 17th century Sevilian glazed tiles. The 17th century library contains more than 25,000 leather bound volumes and 6,000 parchments dating from the 15th to the 18th century. The Religious Art Museum, the Zurbaran collection and the library are also housed here. The Religious Art Museum includes paintings from the workshops of Rubens and Zerbaran, and a painting of the Last Supper by a Flemish Jesuit priest which dates back to 1697. The complex rests on top of underground caves or catacombs used as a cemetery during colonial times. The existence of the catacombs has provided additional insulation from earthquakes, which probably explains the fact that the church has survived so many of them without irreparable damage.

San Pedro Church

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 35.4km

This baroque style church is located at the corner of Azangaro and Ucayali streets. The Church opened in 1638. Its lateral naves are covered with gold leaf altars and priceless paintings. A small chapel is consecrated to the Virgin of the O.

Santo Domingo Church and Convent

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 13km

On Ancash past the post office, at the corner of Jirón Camana and Conde de Superunda
Mon-Sat: 9-12:30 and 3-6 Sun: 9-1
Admission charged.
Construction of this was started at the time Lima was founded and completed at the end of the 16th century. The three nave church has artistic choirs carved in cedar and an outstandingly beautiful dome. Sevilian glazed tiles in the cloister and baroque carvings in the hall characterize this splendid piece of colonial architecture. This is where San Marcos University, the first in South America, opened its doors in 1551.

La Merced Church and Convent

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 13.2km

An impressive baroque entrance welcomes the visitor at this 18th century church located on the 6th block of La Union Street. Inside are magnificently carved altars, and a wonderful wooden carved statue of the Immaculate Conception. In the main altar there is an image of the Virgin of Mercedes, Patron of Peru ‘s armed forces. The sacristy is decorated with 18th century glazed tiles.

San Agustin Church

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 12.0km

Located on the second block of Ica Street.
The late 19th century reconstruction preserved the stone styled facade from the 18th century as well as the anteroom to the sacristy with glazed tile, coffered ceiling and an impressive carving of “Death” by Baltazar Gavilan.

Church of Las Nazarenas

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 11.1km

Located at the corner of Huancavelica Street and Tacna Avenue
In this church, the Lord of Miracles, patron of Lima, is venerated. The image, painted on the wall by a black slave from Angola, withstood the 1655 earthquake that destroyed most of the city. The convent and the church were founded during the second half of the 18th century, after the 1746 earthquake. The image comes out in a procession on October 18, 19 and 28 of every year.

Convent of the Discalced

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 11.3km

Located in the Rimac district at the end of the Boulevard of the Discalced
This convent was founded at the end of the 16th century and contains valuable paintings of the Quito and Cuzco schools by artists such as Medoro, Diego Quispe Tito, and others.

Church of San Marcelo

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 11.7km

Located on the corner of Rufino Torrico Street and Emancipacion Avenue. A rococo front adorns this magnificent mid 16th century church.

Tribunal of the Holy Office

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 13.0km

548 Junin Street
The Tribunal of the Inquisition was established in 1569, performed until 1813, and was abolished in 1820. Prisoners accused of heresy and other crimes against the Catholic Church were tried and sentenced in the Hall of Audiences.

Huallamarca Huaca

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 15.9

Located at the corner of El Rosario Avenue and Nicolas de Rivera Street, San Isidro
A pyramid shaped center from the Pre-Inca period, the site contains a museum displaying artifacts unearthed at the temple. The great majority of churches and convents have undergone restorations and modifications since their original construction, following destruction caused by earthquakes.

Historical Sites in and Near Lima

Distance from Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport: 12.5km

Many pre-Inca towns were once located in the Rímac Valley. Ori an old fishing town was located here, and is associated with a great ceremonial tradition. In a later period, the towns of Maranga and Aramburú were developed, followed by the Collas, Huachos and the Huallas cultures. In the end they were all conquered by the Incas.
The Incas respected the beliefs of the conquered towns and allowed the gods of the conquered people to remain active in their religious life. They never destroyed the others’ buildings or religious symbols after a victory. For this reason, many pre-Inca religious centers remained until the arrival of the Spaniards.