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    Jorge Chávez International Airport: s/n Av Elmer Faucett, Callao, Peru

Jorge Chávez International Airport
Jorge Chávez International Airport


Jorge Chavez International Airport is the main domestic and international airport in Peru. It is 11 kilometres from the Historic Centre of Lima and 17 kilometres from Miraflores, the upscale shopping and tourist district.

History of the Airport

In 1960, the Limatambo Airport was the first airport of Lima and was located in San Isidro. It ceased operations because it didn’t have enough space to accommodate the increased flights. Also, in 1960, the Lima-Callao International Airport was opened, and, in 1965, was renamed Jorge Chavez International Airport after the famous aviator, Jorge Chavez, a Peruvian born in France who died in 1910 trying to fly over the Alps.

From 2001 to 2005 the airport was renovated and the radar and safety technology was upgraded. Since then, it has won several awards including the Best Airport in South America 2010 and 2012 by Skytrax. It also received the Lounge of the Year 2010 award from Skytrax for the Sumaq VIP Lounge for two consecutive years. It was selected from among 600 VIP lounges.

Passenger Services

The airport has a main terminal and several VIP lounges and a First Class Lounge with luxury waiting rooms with tables, bars and other amenities. There is a food court on the second floor and a shopping centre near the passenger terminal. Other services are:

  • Money exchange at international and domestic arrivals second floor
  • ATMs throughout the terminal
  • Rent a cell phone at arrivals second floor
  • Internet and telephone booth at the north mezzanine
  • Luggage wrapping in the check-in area
  • Left luggage and luggage storage at domestic arrivals
  • Relaxing and therapeutic massage at the international departures mezzanine
  • Beauty salon at the north mezzanine
  • Post office on the second level

Parking at Jorge Chavez Airport

Parking is across from the main terminal. There is an extra fee for vehicles that are over 2.20 meters high. Long term parking and garage services are located on the right side of the entrance of the parking lot. Three top car rental companies have counters in the international arrivals hall.

Airport Features

The check-in for international flights is at the airline counters. Every traveller must have a passport. The Unified Rate for Airport Use is usually included in the price of the ticket; however, passengers should make sure the rate is included in the ticket. If it is not, they can pay the fee on the second level of the airport.

Security at the airport is in compliance with the ICAO standards. Containers may have up to 100 millilitres and are put in a clear, plastic bag. Only one bag is allowed per passenger. Medicines, special diets and baby food should be presented at the security checkpoint. They need not be put in separate bags.

There are special personnel at the airport to verify that any artifacts that have been purchased to be taken out of the country are replicas. If an item is deemed authentic, it will be seized by the National Institute of Culture.

The airport has been designed to facilitate the convenience of people with disabilities including facilities inside elevators, phone booths, restrooms, parking lots and access ramps. Wheelchairs can be requested in advance at the airline’s counter. There are trained Customer Care personnel to help all passengers who need assistance.

Emergency medical services are available in the airport 24/7. There is ambulance service and free medical service for passengers in the domestic arrivals area on the first level. There are also medical services in the international arrivals area on the first level and in the domestic arrivals area on the first level.

Wifi cards are available for purchase at the Café Britt, international and domestic areas and in the call centre of Telefonica on the second level.

The airport is one of the largest cargo hubs in Latin America with a new cargo terminal that opened in 2009.