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    Jorge Chávez International Airport: s/n Av Elmer Faucett, Callao, Peru

Being the busiest airport in Peru, Jorge Chávez International Airport is served by some of the largest airline companies from the American continents. First and foremost, Peru’s main airport is the home base for LAN Peru. The largest airline in Peru is actually part of the LAN Airlines, a Chilean parent company that operates several major airlines in South America. LAN Peru offers non-stop flights to major destinations in neighboring countries. Buenos Aires, Bogota, Caracas, La Paz, Quito, Santiago de Chile, and Sao Paulo are large South American cities that are accessible via LAN Peru service.

Additionally, the busy Peruvian airline connects the Lima region with major destinations in Mexico including Cancun and Mexico City. Major U.S. cities such as Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City can be reached via non-stop flights by LAN Peru. All international LAN Peru flights operate at the International Concourse in Jorge Chávez International Airport.

LAN Peru is the primary link between Lima and other domestic destinations. This company offers flights to over a dozen cities in Peru including Arequipa, Chiclayo, Cuzco, Iquitos, Piura, Trujillo, and Tacna. The Domestic Concourse at Jorge Chávez International Airport is dedicated to these flights by Peru’s busiest airline.

Jorge Chávez International Airport also serves as a hub for TACA Peru. This small Peruvian airline offers flights to major South American cities such as Bogota, Buenos Aires, La Paz, Montevideo, Quito, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Santiago de Chile. TACA Peru is also a reliable provider into large Peruvian cities such as Arequipia, Chiclayo, and Trujillo. TACA Peru uses the Domestic and International concourses according to specific flights.

Peruvian Airlines and Star Peru are the other domestic airlines based in Jorge Chávez International Airport. Both of these two companies offer only domestic service in Lima’s primary airport.

Jorge Chávez International Airport is naturally served by several airlines from Peru’s neighboring countries. Buenos Aires is accessible through direct flights provided by Aerlineas Argentinas and LAN Argentina. Avianca offers direct trips to Bogota and Avianca Ecuador takes passengers to Quito. Copa Airlines offers flights to Panama City and Aeromexico takes customers to Mexico City. LAN Airlines operates trips to Chile’s pacific territory Easter Island and capital city of Santiago de Chile. TAM Airlines links Lima with Sao Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil.

Jorge Chávez International Airport is linked to the United States via U.S. companies such as American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Spirit Airlines, and United Airlines. Air France, Iberia, and KLM are major European flag carriers that offer non-stop trips to Europe.