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Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport
Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport


The Liberia International Airport is also known as the Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport. It is located in Liberia, Costa Rica. It is the main hub for tourism to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and is within an hour’s driving time from several main resorts as well as close to Nicaragua. Daniel Oduber Quiros was the president of Costa Rica from 1974 to 1978. The airport was named after the former president, because it was his idea to develop the area around Liberia for major tourism. It is the second busiest airport in the country and 12 kilometres west of the city of Liberia.

One of four international airports in Costa Rica, the Liberia International Airport is the northern-most airport with the best access to the Golden Coast of Costa Rica. Most of the international flights are to and from the United States and Canada. There are a few flights from Europe and South America. There are also domestic flights.

History of the Airport

It was a small airport in 1995, even though it was called an international airport. It had been upgraded with a fire-fighter station and an expansion of runways and special landing lights. This helped increase the traffic. By 2007, a new waiting room and airport counters were opened to handle even more passengers. Today, it has a new terminal building that can accommodate increased capacity and efficiency.

Airport Facilities

Immigration facilities and customs as well as an area for arriving passengers are on the lower level of the terminal building. On the second floor, there are waiting rooms for passengers, concessions, four new gates, and Costa Rican government offices. The new terminal has security upgrades. Concessions include Costa Rica traditional arts and crafts made from ceramic, leather, wood, and clay. There is also a programme about Costa Rica for passengers waiting to depart about the natural beauty of the country.

The terminal has two storeys as well as seating outdoors in a shaded area. The airline desks are on the ground floor for check-in and money exchange. Upstairs is a small café as well as the restrooms. One restaurant with a walk-up bar is outside the security check-in.

The new terminal has an air-conditioned restaurant as well as a Duty Free shop for departing and arriving passengers. The airport has free short-term parking and no valet service and a currency exchange office. For lost luggage or other items, passengers should contact their airline counter inside the airport. Curb-side Skycap check-in is available.

Considered a full-service airport there are paramedical services and medical assistance, a fire department, technical services and luggage handling. Ambulance service flights are available for passengers and employees who experience accidents on holiday or other medical emergencies. Intensive care and patient retrieval are available 24 hours in air ambulances that are medically equipped and staffed with professionals. Air ambulances are subject to approval by the Liberia regulatory approval process.

Baggage claim is after immigrations at the general carousel. There is a bank and snack bar in the terminal. Eight top car rental companies have counters in the airport.


There is public transportation at the airport entrance to take passengers to the city of Liberia or to the beaches. Private planes can be chartered for business or pleasure from the airport including a Lear jet or other aircraft. Private jets can land at the airport and get faster check-in and immigration service without going to the normal passenger terminal.

Express freight cargo flights also use the Liberia International Airport. The airport has all the required equipment such as forklifts and trucks for loading and unloading cargo quickly and efficiently.