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Blue Grass Airport
Blue Grass Airport


Located just west of Lexington, Blue Grass Airport in Fayette County, Kentucky has recently undergone a host of renovation projects that have made it a shining example of public airport excellence. Doubling as the home of the Aviation Museum of Kentucky, Blue Grass Airport currently operates commercial flights to domestic and international destinations.

History of Blue Grass Airport

Blue Grass Airport’s 1,000-acre area includes a single Terminal, three concourses, and two active runways. In 2007, Blue Grass Airport expanded Concourse B to include six extra boarding gates, as well as extra seating and restrooms. Additionally, in 2010, a new 4,000 foot concrete runway joined the airport’s 7,000-foot asphalt runway, replacing an older 3,500-foot design. Meanwhile, paving the way for these expansions was the completion, in 2006, of an award-winning Runway Safety project.

Continued renovations follow the airport’s master plan to accommodate increased air traffic and passenger needs. Currently, over a million passengers pass through Blue Grass Airport, a number that has exceeded multiple projections and which is expected to continue to grow.

The history of Blue Grass Airport continues to be written with advances in service and technology. The already rich legacy of the airport, from its role as a World War II training facility and supply stop to opening up the first commercial passenger flights to Lexington, continues to expand.

From the first jets in 1968 to the opening of a new terminal building in 1976, to the expansion of that building in 1989, to the continued work seen today, Blue Grass Airport has shown a willingness to expand with the times.

Airport Features

With passenger safety and comfort as motivating concerns, a state-of-the-art security system was installed after the events of 2001 that has gone on to serve as a model for airports across the country. Other recent improvements include the opening of The Club, a lounge area featuring business services, passenger lounge and more.

The Club is located on the Third Level of Concourse B and includes comfortable chairs, complimentary snack and beverages, televisions, print and copy services, conference rooms, and a great view of the airport. While this exclusive part of the airport is full of great bonuses, the rest of Blue Grass also does not lack for amenities.

Free wireless Internet access is available throughout the airport, as are ATMs, postal services, and a range of popular dining options. For those passengers traveling with families, designated play areas have been set up to give both parents and their children an opportunity to relax.

Since 1995, the Aviation Museum of Kentucky has documented the vital role that Blue Grass Airport has played in Kentucky’s aviation history. Located on the property of the airport, the museum aims to celebrate and promote the science and history of aviation through the lens of the Blue Grass State.

In addition to the museum, Blue Grass Airport also offers educational programs including group tours for children and adults. These tours give guests an opportunity to explore the everyday workings of the airport, introducing careers and concepts while also promoting general safety and awareness.

Parking at the Airport

Traveling to and from the airport has been made easy with the completion of an additional parking structure in 1999. The garage offers both short and long-term parking, with additional parking, including long-term economy parking, also available in close but separate parking lots.

Travel by car is probably the easiest way to access the airport and a host of shuttle, taxi, and rental car options can be found at or near the terminal. Additionally, an express bus service operated by the Transit Authority of Lexington runs at scheduled times from downtown Lexington.