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    Capital Region International Airport: 4100 Capital City Blvd, Lansing Charter Township, MI 48906

Capital Region International Airport
Capital Region International Airport


Capital Region International Airport is located in DeWitt Township, Michigan. It is less than five miles from the center of Lansing, Michigan.

History of Capital Region Airport

The first airfield in Lansing was about a mile west of the city in 1919. One year later, another airfield was created. Two years later, in 1922, the 80-acre Creyts Field served the city of Lansing. Three years after this, a new site was selected for a new airport. The site selected was marshland and a hayfield. This land was owned by the state of Michigan. After purchasing the land, which was 300 acres, construction on the new airport began. The airport opened in 1928. One year later, commercial flights began serving the community of Lansing. After World War II began, the airport in Lansing was used as a training facility for pilots. At one point, 300 pilot trainees studied at the airport. In 1940, a terminal building was constructed. After World War II ended, the airport began to grow. Air traffic began to increase and more passengers flew in and out of the city. With the increase of air traffic, a new terminal was built in 1959. At this time, the airport was known as the Capital City Airport. After years of use, the main terminal was renovated in 1992. This was done to meet the needs of passengers and the terminal requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration. After the turn of the century, Capital Region International Airport began to lose air traffic to other airports in Michigan. Although the international airport in Lansing lost the business of major airlines, a number of smaller airlines came to the airport. Although air traffic had decreased, one of the runways at the airport was lengthened in 2008. The result of this lengthening was that larger aircraft could use the airport.

Terminal Information

There is one terminal at Capital Region International Airport. The terminal has four floors. The control tower is on the fourth floor. The offices of airport administration are on the third floor. The passenger levels and gates are on the first and second floors. There are nine gates at the terminal. The first floor, which is known to some as the Terminal Ground Floor, has Gates 1, 2, 3, and 4. The second floor, which is known as Terminal Upper Floor has Gates 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.


There are three runways at the international airport in Lansing. Asphalt makes up two of the runways. The third runway is made of a combination of concrete and asphalt. The longest runway is a bit over 8,500 feet. The runway that is the shortest is just over 5,000 feet. The last runway is 3,601 feet.

Parking at the Airport

Capital Region International Airport has a couple of parking options from which people can choose. For folks who are looking for a parking spot, which is close to the airport, they can go to the Short-Term Lot. The Short-Term Lot is a great place to park a vehicle for a brief amount of time. It is a quick walk to the main terminal from the parking area and is ideal for visitors who are seeking to meet family members or loved ones at the baggage area. The Long-Term Lot is an excellent place for folks to park. This is especially true for travelers who plan to park their vehicles for an extended amount of time. The Long-Term Lot is just behind the Short-Term Lot and is not that far from the main terminal.