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Collegium Maius
Collegium Maius

Collegium Maius

Distance from Krakow Airport: 11.3km

Ulica Jagiellonska, 17 Old Town , Krakow , 31-010
The outside of this building is not overly impressive, so it would be easy to pass it by. However, once through the low, arched doorway entrance, you will enter what feels like a secret world.
The inner courtyard is a Gothic wonder. Built in the 1300’s and still used by the university, there is a small museum to visit as well as a gift shop. Famous former alumni (and there are many) include Nicolas Copernicus.
The wonderful motto engraved in stone reads Plus Ratio Quam Vis meaning ‘Through reason, not force’.

Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp

Distance from Krakow Airport: 57.7km

Ul. Wiezniów Oswiecimia 20 , Krakow (Poland)
Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and Memorial
8:00am – 7:00pm daily (June, July, August — closes earlier in the off-seasons, times vary by month)
Admission free; tours 26 zloty
I highly recommend a guide. Tours are available in several languages; English tours are common and are scheduled daily. All the captions are in English as well as other languages, but having someone to tell you the stories is unbeatable. Furthermore, if you’re visiting Auschwitz alone, you’ll be glad to have the company of the group. Trust me. The tour takes about 3 ½ hours; you are then free to go spend more time wherever you would like.

Czartoryski Museum

Distance from Krakow Airport: 13.9km

Ulica sw. Jana, 19 Old Town , Krakow , 31-017
+48 12 422 5566
The building itself is pretty and famous in its own right, but the museum is acclaimed in Poland for one particular painting. In fact, the hotel across the street from the museum uses its’ proximity to this painting in its sales pitch!
The painting in question is none other than Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady With An Ermine and naturally, it is the number one attraction.
Raphael’s Portrait of a Young Man was stolen during the war and has unfortunately never materialised since. There is also a Rembrandt, as well as ancient Greek, Etruscan and Egyptian paintings.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Distance from Krakow Airport: 27.3km

10 Danilowicza Street , Krakow (Poland)
This is Europe’s oldest salt mine and was placed on UNESCO’s world list in 1978. Many famous tourists have visited, including Copernicus {1493}, Goethe {1790}, political leaders, scientists, and artists.
The tourist route, around 20 chambers, was laid out at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, and salt has been mined here over the last 700 years. A complex of excavations leads through an eerie world of narrow tunnels, galleries, chapels, chambers, and lakes. One lake holds more than 300g salt per liter. The tour started with a walk down 378 steps to the shaft bottom {depth 64m}.

Wawel Castle Courtyard

Distance from Krakow Airport: 17.8km

Wawel Castle , Krakow , 31-001
+48 12 422 5155
One of the many reasons to climb up to Wawel Castle -this is a beautiful example of a Rennaisance style coutyard. It was built to reflect the glory of Sigmund the Elder in the 16th Century and fragments of frescoes are still visible on the walls. The courtyard is said to be the home of a mysterious stone which can endow man with superhuman powers.

Old Town Square

Distance from Krakow Airport: 11.7km

Old Town , Krakow , 31-042
This is one of the largest and most beautiful historic squares in Europe. Its proud presence is one of the reasons the city has become so famous. Lined with cafés and shops and surrounded by historical buildings and churches, it is simply spectacular. Measuring 200 by 200 meters, the square is vast, especially with consideration to the fact that it was built in 1257. The sights in and directly around the square are highlights of any visit to Krakow and indeed to Poland itself.

St. Mary's Church (Kosciol Mariacki)
St. Mary’s Church (Kosciol Mariacki)

St. Mary’s Church (Kosciol Mariacki)

Distance from Krakow Airport: 18.6km

Old Town Square , Krakow
St Mary’s church with its asymetrical facade dominates the Old Town Square. It dates back to the 16th century and was the most important church in the city for many centuries.
In the lower tower five bells are housed while the higher tower served as as a watch-tower since the Middle Ages.
From here you can hear a trumpeter playing the Hejnal on the hour every hour. The trumpeter stops abruptly half-way through as, legend has it, a trumpeter was once shot in the throat by Tartar invaders.
Inside St Mary’s is a valuable collection of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque furnishings but the most famous art work is certainly the wooden altar built by Wit Stwosz in the 15th century.