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Caves Monastery
Caves Monastery

Caves Monastery

Distance from Boryspil Intl. Airport: 34.8km

Vulitsya Hrushevskoho , Kiev (Ukraine)
Caves Monastery was founded 3km south of where Kiev stood in 1051. It is also called The Memorial and in Russian, “Pechersk Lavra.”
Overlooking the Dnipro River, it is an array of golden-domed churches and underground caves. Monks lived here and their bodies are preserved in the narrow passages of the caves. You must buy a candle to enter the caves. Men must wear hats and women must wear scarves. The passageways are crowded and low. At six feet tall, I had to stoop to walk through them. A private guide costs $20 for two hours and there is a separate charge for touring the Giant Belfry and museums. You can climb the 174 steps of the bell tower and get a view from the top of the entire complex.
The Microminiature Museum is located in the former library. This exhibition displays creations so small that you look through a microscope to view them. You have to see this to believe it. The Russian artist Nikolai Siadristy created the world’s smallest electric motor and the world’s smallest book. There is also the world’s smallest chess set placed on the head of a nail and a flea with golden horseshoes.
The lines are long and the weekends are especially crowded, so you should plan on an entire day to tour this sight.

St Sophia's Cathedral
St Sophia’s Cathedral

St Sophia’s Cathedral

Distance from Boryspil Intl. Airport: 37.0km

Sofiyska Ploshcha , Kiev (Ukraine)
It’s gorgeous. One of the oldest buildings in the city, and the oldest church, it was built in the 11th centuiry. It’s named after the much older Hagia Sophia (now Aya Sophia) in Istanbul. It’s been extensively rebuilt over the centuries, but many of the original frescos and paintings inside have been looked after and survive, still beautiful. You can climb the bell tower, and there is a good view of the city from the top (it’s quite a long way up though!) There are two great models inside, showing what the cathedral looked like when it was built, compared with what it looks like now. There have been quite a lot of additions and changes, and the comparison is very interesting.

St. Andrew’s Decent

Distance from Boryspil Intl. Airport: 37.3km

St. Andrew’s Cathedral , Kiev (Ukraine)
For those interested in souvenirs and Ukrainian artistry, find your way to St. Andrew’s Orthodox Cathedral. There you will find a long road that winds down the hill. Both sides of the road are covered in typical Eastern European stacking dolls, traditional costumes, Soviet leftovers, and much more.


Distance from Boryspil Intl. Airport: 33.9km

2a, Basseyna Str, Bessarabska Square Arena , Kiev (Ukraine)
+380 (44) 590-08-58
It’s a new gallery of modern art in Kiev. I think it’s quite interesting to visit it. Exhibitions are changing recently. On 19th January 2007, at 12:00, PinchukArtCentre presented the exhibition GENERATIONS.