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Blue Lagoon

Distance from Keflavik International Airport: 23.4km

Reykjanes peninsula , Reykjavik (Iceland)
This tour takes you around the Reykjanes peninsula, then drops you off at the airport. I took a tour because that seemed easiest, but now that I have the lay of the land, I’d go on my own the next time.
I had been wary of going to the Blue Lagoon. It sounded like a tourist trap to me; plus, I don’t really care for hot springs. The lagoon was a pleasant surprise. It was created accidentally when a nearby plant that pumped from a geothermal spring allowed excess water to spill onto the lava. Over time, the minerals in the water sealed the lava and created a pool, and the story goes that a worker at the plant bathed in the pool one day and found that it helped his eczema. Since then, it’s become a renowned spa.


Distance from Keflavik International Airport: 50.4km

Geysir , Reykjavik (Iceland)
Reykjavik Excursions seems to have a monopoly on tours, but they do an excellent job. You can book their tours at the airport, at any hotel, at the bus station, etc.
They will pick you up at your hotel and you can buy your ticket at the station, where you get on a different bus with your tour.
When I did my tour, there were four other people, all in their 20s as well.
This tour is a great overview of the amazing natural beauty of Iceland. You go to Geysir (a geyser) and see the very frequent eruptions and can go to the Geysir museum (tour includes admission). My favorite part of the tour though was seeing Gullfoss, an incredible waterfall. You can walk to vista points and get sprayed by the falls (wear a jacket!) and if it’s sunny, you’ll probably see a rainbow or two.

Gullfoss waterfall
Gullfoss waterfall


Distance from Keflavik International Airport: 149km

South East Iceland , Reykjavik (Iceland)
Gullfoss waterfall is not Iceland’s tallest (Glymur in the west) nor its largest (Dettifoss in the north), but it is certainly its most famous due to its location only about 100km east of the Icelandic capital Reykjavík. The waterfall attracts many tourists because it lies on the most traveled tourist route of the country, the “Golden Circle”, which also includes the National Park of Þingvellir and the geothermal Geysir area. The whole year round tourist buses ply the route for a day trip costing below 100 €. In summer Austurleið provides public bus transport to the sights for about half the price.


Distance from Keflavik International Airport: 50.3km

Downtown , Reykjavik (Iceland)
Reykjavik’s Hallgrimskirkja is world-renowned and is an interesting architectural feature of the town’s skyline. Walking up the main street this great building looms in front of you; its central tower seemingly supported by the shaped “organ pipes” that make its appearance so memorable. A lone statue (donated by USA in 1930 to mark 1000 years of the Icelandic parliament) of Leifur Eriksson, “Discoverer of America”, guards the front, dwarfed by the majesty of the symbolically white church with its 73 metre tall steeple. It’s a fair walk from the statue to the front doors and once pushed you should try to look beyond the entrance hall into the main body of the church.
The modern church has a bright, crisp appearance and seems absolutely vast. The impressive stainless steel organ pipes are at the entrance to the church and these too echo the theme of modern and up to date. These pipes dominate the church and they have real interest if viewed from all angles from the body of the church. Below the organ pipes is a well-executed statue of Jesus – the detail is precise but it somehow seems to be incorrectly placed at the door to the church.

Iceland Culture Day

Distance from Keflavik International Airport: 49.4km

Reykjavik , Reykjavik (Iceland)
On Iceland culture day we saw almost more than 100,000 people on the streets of Reykjavik enjoying music, food, and shopping throughout the day. There were numerous musical acts going on throughout the entire day on almost every corner. The celebration officially ended with a fabulous fireworks celebration at 11pm. Once this was completed, most of the families left and left all of Reykjavik’s young people on the streets for the wildest party I have ever seen. There were lines at the bars still at 6am.

Northern Lights

Outside of Reykjavik , Reykjavik (Iceland)
The Northern Lights is an amazing natural wonder that can only be seen in the far northern hemisphere (near the Arctic Circle) in the winter. Even then, there is no guarantee that it will be seen. The sky must be clear and dark.
The only way to describe it is that it is like a green flame slowly flickering away in the sky.
The lights display was amazing — slowly transforming itself in its shape, brightness, and intensity. There is nothing in the world that can describe what it’s like. It covered the entire stretch of the night sky. Then it slowly became horizontal across the sky, turning to become a vertical streak. At one point in time, it spread out from the top of sky in multiple directions. Words cannot fully describe what it was like.


Distance from Keflavik International Airport: 97.7km

South-East Iceland , Reykjavik (Iceland)
The home of the original geysers, this is the setting for Strokkur, the most active geyser at Geysir right now. A crowd gathers as the water bubbles up and down, teasing its audience. Finally, it oozes up into a turquoise dome, before bursting into life as a 30 feet high jet of water and steam. Fantastic!