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    Jinnah International Airport: Karachi, Pakistan

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Aladin Amusement Park…

Distance from Jinnah Inlt. Airport: 10.1km

In Karachi, Pakistan, is Pakistan’s largest amusement park and is just a twenty-minute drive from Jinnah International Airport. This family-friendly park has many different rides from the thrilling Harakari slide to the simple kids area designed especially for the youngest visitors to Aladin. People of all ages will enjoy the shows and be able to find a snack at one of the many food outlets. The facilities include a large parking lot where you can park both cars and motor bikes, a lost and found area, a first aid area, and even prayer areas.

Karachi Zoo
Karachi Zoo

Karachi Zoo…

Distance from Jinnah Inlt. Airport: 20.6km

in is located in Sindh, Pakistan and is the second oldest zoo in the country. It is about twenty kilometers from Jinnah International Airport and it takes just under thirty minutes to drive there. The zoo is filled with amazing attractions so every visitor will find something to their liking. The most famous of these attractions is the elephant house, which includes two African bush elephants. The attractions also include a reptile house, gardens, and even a natural history museum. The Karachi Municipal Aquarium is also located inside the zoo. Here visitors can observe around three-hundred fish from roughly thirty different species.

Millenium Shopping Mall…

Distance from Jinnah Inlt. Airport: 8.0km

in Karachi, Pakistan is an easy fifteen minute drive from Jinnah International Airport. This three floor shopping center has many designer shops for men, women, and children. It also includes several restaurants that offer a wide variety of food if you need a meal, an there are smaller stalls around the mall that sell candy and snacks if you need a quick snack. The third floor of the mall is dedicated to entertainment with a bowling area and a play place just for kids.

The National Museum of Pakistan

Distance from Jinnah Inlt. Airport: 18.2km

Takes about thirty minutes to drive to from Jinnah International Airport. The museum includes eleven different exhibits, including one with three-hundred Qurans. Some of the other exhibits include artifacts from the Indus Civilization, Islamic art, and an ancient coin exhibit that contains 58,000 old coins. These exhibits, along with the others they have, give visitors a chance to learn about the history of the people and culture of Pakistan.

Frere Hall…

Distance from Jinnah Inlt. Airport: 16.9km

is located about thirty minutes from Jinnah International Airport. It reopened its doors to the public in 2011. On Sundays, there is a book bazaar in the courtyard where people can purchase old and out-of-print books. Frere Hall includes two gardens; the “Queen’s Lawn” and the “King’s Lawn”. They make a peaceful place to walk around outside this amazing building. Frere Hall also includes a library and a art gallery. One of its claims to fame is the unfinished ceiling that was painted by Sadequain, who died before he could finish it.