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Karachi International Airport
Karachi International Airport


The Karachi International Airport, formerly known as Jinnah International Airport, is located in Karachi, the financial center of Pakistan. It has been named in honor of Muhammad Ali Jinnah who founded the country and is the country’s primary international and domestic airport. This busy airport is recognized by its international airport code of KHI and is a popular airport known around the world.


Jinnah International Airport started out as Drigh Road airstrip in late 1932. In the 1940s, the airport was home to one of the three largest hangars in the world that had been built specifically for use by the British R101 Airship. This hangar gained recognition as a landmark in Karachi and was demolished during the 1960s, as it was not actually utilized by the airship. During the 1980s, the airport underwent a major expansion program with the additions of Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. During the 1990s, the airport underwent yet another expansion program that cost an enormous $100 million and made the airport into its present day design.

Karachi Airport Features

This enormous airport offers all the services and facilities a passenger could possibly need for their travels. The airport features a huge shopping arcade with duty free shopping and a wide selection of restaurants. Passengers have access to car rental services, banking and financial services, mobile recharging points and communication services. In addition, the airport provides customers with porter services, free trolleys, free services for senior citizens and those in need of aid, public and private passenger lounges, baggage services and even a designated prayer area.

This busy thriving aviation facility features the Jinnah Terminal, a major terminal which includes 2 concourses: the Jinnah East Satellite Concourse and the Jinnah West Satellite Concourse. The western concourse is dedicated to domestic flights and the eastern concourse serves the international flights. The airport also features a second terminal which manages all Hajj related operations and a third terminal which houses numerous commercial offices. The first terminal from the original layout of the airport now serves as the headquarters of Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The terminals have a total of 86 counters featuring modern equipment and offer efficient arrival and departure services. The layout of the airport has been specifically designed to avoid overcrowding with the convenience of travelers in mind.

Jinnah International Airport features two enormous concrete runways with 12 taxiways and is in high demand by a variety of the major international as well as domestic airlines. The first runway is over 10,400 feet in length, the second is over 11,100 feet in length, and both are more than 150 feet wide. The airport is also home to the Ispahani Hangar, which is used for wide body aircrafts and is named after Mirza Ahmad Ispahani, the first chairman of Pakistan International Airlines.

Airport Operations

Jinnah International Airport offers direct and connecting flights to locations all around the world and has the ability to handle a flight capacity of fifteen flights each hour. In the 2008 / 2009 fiscal year, the airport facilitated more than 5.7 million customers and has enough capacity to facilitate an incredible 12 million customers each year. Also, in the 2008 / 2009 fiscal year, the aircraft facilitated more than 50,000 aircraft take offs and landings.

Parking at the Airport

Jinnah International Airport features a parking area that is over 2.8 million square feet and includes 42 spaces for aircrafts as well as 30 remote parking bays. 12 of the aircraft spaces are connected to the terminals via air bridges.

Traveling around as well as to and from the airport is easy, as there are taxi services as well as bus and minibus services available for all.