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Jakarta Cathedral
Jakarta Cathedral

Jakarta Cathedral

Distance from Soetta Airport: 27.4km

Just a short hop from the airport, the Jakarta Cathedral is a beautiful welcome to one of Indonesia’s most historical cities. The architecture is both ancient and elegant, with towers, pillars and peaceful alcoves specifically sectioned off for praying, and the stained glass windows give the whole interior a warm atmospheric glow. You might also enjoy the semi-wild gardens behind the building, where flowers and untamed vines creep up the sides of the cathedral for an almost neo-gothic look. Couples seem to like it especially: The Jakarta Cathedral is one of the city’s most popular spots for weddings. If you’re looking for somewhere to shake off your travel woes and enjoy a spiritual and emotional cleansing, this is the place.

Ragunan Zoo

Distance from Soetta Airport: 39.3km

If you’ve never ridden on the back of an elephant, here’s your chance! The Ragunan Zoo is an exciting, interactive experience where visitors can expect more than just distant animals in far-off habitats. You can walk right into the butterfly garden, for example, or take off your shoes and wade in the lake with the pelicans. The zoo doubles as a park and nature preserve, which means plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking and bird watching. They even offer a small amusement part with go-karts and children’s ferris wheels!

The National Museum

Distance from Soetta Airport: 28.1km

One of the treasures of Jakarta, the National Museum is a chance for travelers to really examine the history and culture of not only the city, but the country as a whole. Indonesia is a multicultural country, drawing traditions and influences from India, Portugal and the Middle East, and you can see that diversity reflected in the National Museum with everything from Buddhist statues to golden treasures of ancient Egyptian kings. As a bonus, the museum is also right across the street from the National Monument, making it the perfect all-in-one excursion for history buffs and curious tourists alike.

Old Town

Distance from Soetta Airport: 18.6km

A throwback to simpler times, Old Town is a rustic, historic neighborhood where pre-colonial buildings have been converted into theaters and museums and everyone moves at a slightly slower pace of life. Enjoy a walk by the river or a stroll through the streets; take a cup of tea in a cozy cafe; wait for night to fall and a thousand stars to glitter over the water. Old Town is the place to explore a different side of Jakarta, one without crowds and tourists: It’s Jakarta as it was fifty or even a hundred years ago, Jakarta as it was meant to be seen.

Sea World

Distance from Soetta Airport: 27.4km

Fun for the whole family, Jakarta’s Sea World offers more than 4000 species of marine life for your viewing pleasure. Glass tunnels allow you an up-close-and-personal look at the sea’s most colorful creatures, and various displays, exhibits and shows will teach your little ones interesting facts about their new favorite friends. Ogle the octopi, snap at the sea turtles and still have time for snacks at the in-house cafe! It may not be as big as other Sea Worlds, but it’s still a thoroughly entertaining experience and an attraction in Jakarta worth visiting.