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Jackson-Evers International Airport
Jackson-Evers International Airport


The Jackson-Evers International Airport is an interesting airport. It’s not a big airport, but it was rated the eighth best airport in the world by the Airports Council International in 2011. Surprisingly, this is the only airport in the United States included in the top 10 best airports worldwide on this list. It’s location in Jackson, a little city in Mississippi, doesn’t give many people the idea that this would make it one of the best airports in the world. This information was gathered based on the cleanliness of the airport, the amenities offered, the number of flights that arrive and depart on time, the friendliness and helpfulness of employees throughout the airport, and several other factors that are considered by the Airports Council International when choosing this list of best airports in the world. As a matter of fact, the Jackson-Evers International Airport is not even the kind of airport that is strictly used for passenger aircraft. It shares its space for military flights as well. The airport is named after Medgar Evers. Evers worked for the NAACP, fighting for equality for all mankind.

History of the Airport

The land that Jackson-Evers International Airport occupies used to be Hawkins Field, which was a different kind of airport before it was the Jackson-Evers International Airport. The Mayor of Jackson in 1963 was the man behind the original name of the Jackson-Evers International Airport, which was Allen C. Thompson Field. The airport was not officially called the Jackson-Evers International Airport until 2005, when the Jackson City Council made the decision to change the name to honor the man who fought for freedom for all people in the largely segregated city of Jackson so many years ago. The Jackson-Evers International Airport is located only five miles from the downtown business district of Jackson, which is part of the reason the airport is used for business travel.

Airport Operations

The Jackson-Evers International Airport currently has two runways, both the same size coming in at 8,500 feet. The airport now sits on more than 3,380 acres of land and has more than 187 flights into and out of the airport on a daily basis. Nearly 18 percent of the 45 planes that call the Jackson-Evers International Airport home are military planes. The Jackson-Evers International Airport has one terminal, three floors, and two concourses. These concourses are known to passengers and travelers as the east and west concourse. There are a total of only nine airline gates at this airport. The airport was designated an international airport due to the fact that there were international flights into and out of Jackson from several different countries in 1990. It is currently referred to as an international airport despite the fact that it does not offer any international flights.

Parking at Jackson-Evers Airport

Travelers in need of parking at the Jackson-Evers International Airport have four choices. The first is a parking garage, which is connected to the terminal. This parking garage can house several thousand vehicles and has room for long-term parking and short-term parking. The second parking option for passengers is an open-air parking lot, which is connected to the parking garage. This lot holds several hundred vehicles and is well lit at night, as well as patrolled by airport security on a regular basis. The cell phone parking lot is for those who are picking up passengers at the airport and do not want to pay for parking. The final option is a long-term economy parking lot located just short of a mile from the terminal. Shuttle service is available for passengers who choose to park in this lot for the long-term.