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Hong Kong Airport HotelsHong Kong welcomes its visitors with a show-stopping skyline right out of the gate. Full of intensity and possibility, the city will show you world-class culinary, dynamic landscape, and Chinese culture like you never could’ve imagined. The awe-inspiring view from Victoria Peak or Symphony of the Stars light show will surprise you in the best ways possible. The Hong Kong International Airport is a thrill in itself, serving as a great introduction to what the city has to offer. Over 40 hotels can be found near the airport, including the Ritz-Carlton, which is loaded with amenities.
Why travelers visit Hong Kong: Star Ferry, Victoria Peak, Street Markets, Happy Valley Racecourse, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, Ocean Park, world-class cuisine.

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      • SkyCity Marriott Hong Kong Airport Hotel
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    • SkyCity Marriott HotelThe Marriott brand of hotel is one of a kind. They consistently provide comfortable stays for their guests, and this Marriott is no exception. Come and enjoy the complimentary shuttle service or the business amenities like meeting facilities and business centers at this Hong Kong Airport hotel. Whether you plan to work or play, and maybe do both, The Marriott SkyCity in Hong Kong will suit you.
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    • Regal Airport HotelThe Regal Airport Hotel is connected to the Hong Kong International Airport. Relaxation is a specialty of The Regal Airport Hotel because of their huge outdoor swimming pool and a lounge area. The rooms are spacious and elegant with a sofa, flat screen TV, a mini bar, and Wi-Fi.

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About Hong Kong International Airport

You'd be hard pressed to find an airport as innovative and accommodating as Hong Kong International Airport. As if landing in one of the most animated and fascinating metropolitan cities in the world wasn't thrilling enough, the few moments you do spend at this airport will serve as the ultimate introduction to how Hong Kong takes pride in its reputation as a global leader in ingenuity.

"State-of-the-art" is almost an understatement when it comes to describing the layout of the Hong Kong International Airport. From the glass-paneled arched ceilings to its own IMAX movie theatre, the primary goal of the airport is to provide passengers with a stress-free environment that's stunning to look at and ready to serve in any way possible. Approximately 63.4 million passengers ventured their way through the Hong Kong International Airport in 2014 alone, and with a staff of more than 65,000 on hand, it's easy to see how visitors can get through as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

Boredom is essentially not an option at Hong Kong International Airport, as more than 280 retail stores, educational attractions and even an adjacent golf course are always available at your leisure in the unfortunate event of a delay or cancellation. There's certainly no shortage of lodging around the premises, as there are more than 40 hotels near Hong Kong International Airport, ranging from luxury resorts to budget-friendly establishments.

If you're in need of appeasing your appetite, feast your stomach on a wide variety of dining establishments scattered throughout both Terminal 1 and 2. Get an authentic taste for Hong Kong cuisine by grabbing a table at one of several Asian fusion restaurants serving up everything from sushi to pork fried rice. And before you grab your luggage and head out, take the kids over to the Aviation Discovery Centre, where attractions such as flight simulators and cockpit replications can tide your little ones over while you take care of travel-related matters.

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Welcome to Hong Kong

After you've experienced the airport, it's time to finally get officially acquainted with one of the most visited cities in the world. Hong Kong is a place that can cater to just about any interest or hobby you might have. There are ample chances to learn more about the rich history and culture that's abundant here as well as take part in modern attractions and activities. Average temperatures rarely dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so it's always a good time to visit, no matter what season it is.

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Things to Do in Hong Kong

An aerial view of downtown Hong KongThere is so much variety when it comes to experiencing all the attractions of Hong Kong. Start your trip off by taking in the immaculate scenery by heading over to The Peak on Hong Kong Island. Here, you'll see arguably the best view of the Hong Kong Harbour shorelines, and you can even take an elevated cable car ride up through Victoria Peak, the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island.

Afterwards, get a better understanding of the local history at the Hong Kong Museum of History. Visitors can spend hours perusing educational exhibits that tell stories of everything from ancient warfare to authentic artifacts believed to be hundreds of years old. Another excellent must-see museum is the Tsui Museum of Art, home to more than 3,000 pieces of antiques and artwork spanning from more than several centuries ago. You can even inspect pottery recovered from the legendary Qing Dynasty or see authentic tomb statues recovered from archeological sites in person.

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