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Harrisburg International Airport
Harrisburg International Airport

Overview & History

Harrisburg International Airport is located in Middletown, Pennsylvania. It is about 10 miles southeast of downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The first airport in Harrisburg was Capital Landing Field. It opened on October 25, 1930. That same year, the name changed to Harrisburg Airport. Six years later, the airport was purchased by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and was renamed the Harrisburg State Airport. As the years rolled on, the airport began to grow. More airplanes came to the Harrisburg airport. In the 1950’s, the airport administration recognized that the airport needed to grow. The result of this realization was that the airport was renovated and expanded. Construction was complete in 1958. It was renamed the Harrisburg-York State Airport that same year. Eight years later, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania purchased the recently closed Olmstead Air Force Base from the United States Air Force. The base was just a few miles from Harrisburg in Middletown, Pennsylvania. The named changed to Olmsted State Airport. After the airport was acquired, commercial flights were transferred from Harrisburg-York State Airport to Olmsted State Airport. A few years later, the named of the airport changed again to the Harrisburg International Airport. New terminals were built at the airport in 1973. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania transferred the ownership of the Harrisburg International Airport to the Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority in 1998.

Airport Features

A new terminal was constructed at the Harrisburg International Airport in 2004. There are 12 gates in the terminal and it receives national and international flights. There are three courses at the airport. The Concourses are A, B and C. There is one runway at the airport. It is just over 10,000 feet long and is made out of asphalt. Although the United States Air Force closed the Olmsted Air Force Base in 1969, the Air Force National Guard continues to use the Harrisburg International Airport for various purposes.

There is special assistance available for people with special needs or disabilities. Wheelchairs are available. The team members at the international airport in Harrisburg are able to assist passengers.

Parking at Harrisburg International Airport

Serving the capital of Pennsylvania, the Harrisburg International Airport has some great parking options for passengers and visitors. The Harrisburg International Airport Garage Parking is an excellent place for people to park their vehicles. The parking garage is close to the main terminal. Rates in the parking garage are decent for visitors and are ideal if they plan to meet their party at the baggage claim area. The parking garage is a great place for travelers to park their vehicles for an extended period of time. One of the many benefits of Garage Parking is the fact that the garage protects vehicles from the elements. Economy Harrisburg International Airport Parking is a great option for people who want to be fairly close to the terminal and not pay very much money. Economy parking is outside and about a mile from the main terminal. It is for folks who are parking there for a brief amount of time or for travelers whose vehicles will be staying for an extended amount of time. Free airport shuttles bring people to and from the main terminal. A shuttle leaves for the terminal about every 10 minutes. Drivers are able to assist passengers with their luggage to get it on or off the shuttle. The Cell Phone Lot at the international airport in Harrisburg is only about two minutes from the main terminal. Drivers can stay at this free lot while they wait for their party to arrive.