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    Hannover Airport: Flughafenstraße 4, 30855 Langenhagen, Germany

Hannover-Langenhagen Airport
Hannover-Langenhagen Airport

Location & History

The Hannover-Langenhagen Airport is 11 kilometres north of Hannover in the town of Langenhagen. It was opened in 1952 to replace an old airfield in Hannover. Two modern terminals, A and B, were opened in 1973, and became world famous for their design. These terminals are still being used today. A larger terminal C was opened in 1998 because of the increased numbers of passengers. There is also a Terminal D, which is used by the Royal Air Force to supply the British troops in northern Germany.

Germany’s largest air show, the Internationale Luft-und Raumfahrtausstellung, was held in the Hannover-Langenhagen Airport until 1990. The air show moved to Berlin in 1992 after reunification. Today, the airport is the second major airport in Germany that serves countries in Eastern Europe. The Hannover-Langenhagen Airport is open 24 hours, unlike most other airports in Germany, but the majority of flights are before 11 p.m. and after 4:30 a.m.

Parking at Hannover-Langenhagen Airport

Parking is near the arrival hall at Terminal B and is open 24 hours. The short-term parking is directly in front of the terminal and is for one hour. There is extra space in car park buildings 1 – 3. Large vehicles and campers can park in the P10 outside parking facility between April and October. During the winter, large vehicles need to contact the Parking Service from one of the call boxes at the info car park on the airport link road.

Express service parking is available. Cars can be parked in the short-term parking spaces and the keys given at check-in. A member of the Parking Service staff will park the car in car park building 1. On return, the passenger can go directly to the Parking Service area in Terminal B and pay the fee and collect their car. Special parking rates are offered to people who visit the airport to shop.

Car Rentals

There are four top car rental companies with counters on the arrivals level between Terminals A and B. There are restaurants, cafes, and bars in several places throughout the airport including on the viewing terrace and in the waiting lounges. Shopping is on the departures level between the terminals as well as other places in the airport. There is also an airport pharmacy, casino, and currency exchange. The Karl Jatho Lounge has a bar, snacks, an Internet connection, and comfortable seating for passengers to enjoy while they are waiting for flights.

Passenger Services

For people with reduced mobility, the airport offers fast and convenient service. Airlines should be informed about restrictions and assistance needed at least 48 hours before departure. There are sanitary facilities for people with reduced mobility in the waiting room in Terminal B. The toilets in the public area need a euro-key to be opened, but the toilets in the terminal waiting rooms are fully accessible.

There are service pillars throughout the airport where people with reduced mobility can make calls. They can also be used by people with hearing aids. The phones are directly connected with the PRM Service for any necessary assistance. There are trail sensor strips on the floor that lead to the call pillars and are designed to help people with sight impairment. Passengers with reduced mobility are assisted to board planes first and are the first to be escorted off the plane.

Medical assistance is supplied by the Knights of St. John first aid assistance and the Airport Fire Department. There are also services for health insurance-related emergencies.

Terminals A and B have T-Mobile Hotspot high-speed Internet access. There are free Wifi points at certain restaurants and the lounges. There are facilities on the departures level of Terminal C for people without a personal computer to access the Internet. All major sporting events are shown for free on a big screen. There is also a free play area for children.