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    Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport


Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the chief airport for Guangdong province on the south eastern coast of China. The old airport was called Canton, a Romanization of the name. The airport was the second busiest in China in 2011 and the 19th busiest in the world for passenger traffic. The airport was the third busiest in China for cargo and the 21st busiest in the world.

Airport History

The present airport was completed in 2004 and replaced the old airport, which was 72 years old and was called Baiyun. Baiyun means white cloud and refers to Baiyun Mountain, which is near the previous airport. It is 28 kilometres north of Guangzhou. Some people call the existing airport New Baiyun. It is open 24 hours, which the old airport was not. This has increased the international traffic, but most of the traffic is domestic.

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Features

The airport has one terminal with two boarding areas including A gates and B gates and has four storeys. The Departures Hall is on the third floor with eight entrances and exits, and the Arrivals Hall is on the first floor. The airport shuttle bus and taxis can stop at the doorway of the Departures Hall.

The domestic Departures Hall has six check-in islands and 144 check-in counters. The international Departures Hall has four check-in islands and 102 check-in counters. There are two areas, A and B, in the Domestic Boarding Area. The Area A boarding area includes all international passengers. Luggage checking is in the Departures Hall on the third floor. There are several locations there.

Business centres that offer long distance phone calls, photocopying machines and fax machines are available in the airport. They are by the number three gate on the first floor as well as inside the departure areas A and B on the third floor. A post office is near gate nine in the Departure Hall.

Two banks are in the terminal building, both have ATMs. Foreign currency can be exchanged at the international Arrival Hall. A medical room is near gate 25 on the first floor of the terminal building. There are 11 water dispensers throughout the terminal building that are open 24 hours. Special rooms for mothers to care for the needs of their infants are available as well as special rooms for smoking in both departure areas on the third floor. The restaurants and shops are in the lounge in the domestic hall on the first floor.

Four enquiry desks are in the airport on the third floor. There is left luggage service on the first and third floors. Lost and Found is at gate number one in the Departure Hall on the third floor. Free Wifi is available for anyone with a laptop and wireless LAN card. Many inexpensive cafes with tasty food are in the Departure Hall. There are shops throughout the terminal building.

The cargo hub is one of the largest in the world, linking 20 major cities in Asia to over 220 countries worldwide. The cargo hub has its own control tower, the first in China. It also has advanced systems for conveyor belts, sorting lines and primary and secondary document-sorting separations. It is the Asia-Pacific cargo hub for FedEx and their second largest outside the United States.

Airport Parking

Two parking lots are available. One is outdoors and the other is a parking station. There is a hotel in the airport, the Pullman Hotel, where passengers can check-in for a shower without a Chinese visa. This is also the location of a bar. It is a good place for international passengers to rest if they have a long wait between flights.