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Tumon Bay
Tumon Bay

Tumon Bay

Distance from Guam Intl. Airport: 2.2mi / 3.5km

Many of Guam’s most elegant hotels are situated on the strip of white sand bordering the sparkling blue waters of Tumon Bay. Guam’s favorite playground is bordered at both ends by towering, green cliffs.

Joseph Flores Beach Park

Distance from Guam Intl. Airport: 2.9mi / 4.7km

This sprawling territorial park located at Tumon Bay is one of the island’s most popular recreation areas and is better known as Ypao Beach Park. Concerts, contests and other events are held in the park’s large amphitheater, and covered pavilions are used for parties and barbecues. The park also has shower and restroom facilities.

Padre San Vitores Shrine

Distance from Guam Intl. Airport: 3.3mi / 5.4km

Just beyond the beach at the north end of Tumon Bay is a shrine marking the spot where Padre San Vitores, leader of the first Spanish Jesuit mission was killed. San Vitores and other Jesuit missionaries visited Tumon village to baptize the infant daughter of Chief Matapang, upon the mother’s request but against the will of the Chief.

Guam Museum

Distance from Guam Intl. Airport: 4.9mi . 7.9km

Located in the old garden house at the back of the Plaza de Espana, the Guam Museum displays artifacts ffom the various periods of Guam’s recorded history, as well as specimens of natural history and island handicrafts. The museum is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. A nominal admission fee is charged for adults; children under the age of 12 are admitted free of charge.

Statue of Liberty

Distance from Guam Intl. Airport: 3.5mi / 5.7km

This replica Americas Statue of Liberty overlooks the Hagåtña Bay at Paseo de Susana. Erected in 1950 by the Boy Scouts of America in observance of their 40th anniversary, the statue is visible to boats approaching the Hagåtña Boat Marina.

Santo Papa as Juan Pablo Dos Monument

Distance from Guam Intl. Airport: 3.7mi / 5.8km

Pope John Paul II visited Guam in 1982, and this monument was erected in commemoration of the first Papal visit to the Mariana Islands since Christianity was introduced more than three centuries ago.

Government House

Distance from Guam Intl. Airport: 3.7mi / 6.0km

The architectural design of the Govemment House – the Governor’s official residence – incorporates elements of the Chamorro and Spanish cultural heritage. The building houses a mini-museum of Guam’ s antiquities. Located on Kasamata Hill in Hagåtña Heights, the residence commands an excellent view of Hagåtña and Hagåtña Bay. Construction on the original building began in 1952 and was completed two years later. Major reconstruction followed the destruction wrought by Super Typhoon Pamela in 1976, and the expanded structure occupies 22,000 square feet.

Latte Park
Latte Park

Latte Park

Distance from Guam Intl. Airport: 3.5mi / 5.6km

As early as 500 A.D. Ancient Chamorros built their houses on stone pillars known as latte stones. These pillars are notable for their two-piece construction; the supporting column (halagi) topped with a capstone (tasa). The Halagi was made from coral limestone and usually carried several miles from the quarry site for installation in the appropriate location. The tasa was made from natural, hemispherical coral heads collected from the reef.

San Antonio Bridge (To’lai Acho)

Distance from Guam Intl. Airport: 3.8mi / 6.1km

This bridge, commonly referred to as Tolai Acho (Stone Bridge), was built in 1800 by Spanish Governor Manuel Muro and was named in honor of San Antonio de Padua. It once spanned the Hagåtña River between the pre-World War II districts of San Ignacio and Bilibic.
The bridge remained intact and continued to be used after Hagåtña was destroyed during the Liberation of Guam in July 1944. In 1945, during the initial stages of Hagåtña’s rehabilitation, new streets were laid out, the river was filled in, and the water was diverted to a new outlet into Hagåtña Bay.
Presently, San Antonio Bridge is also the site of the Sirena Statue, a symbol of one of Guam’s more famous legends.

Chamorro Village (I Sengsong)

Distance from Guam Intl. Airport: 3.4mi / 5.9km

Located next to Paseo de Susana, the Chamorro Village public market offers visitors a glimpse into the island’s culture, lifestyle, and cuisine. Vendors sell everything from clothing to handicrafts, bananas to betel nuts. The aroma of freshly cooked local foods emanates from small booths where cooks stir steaming pots of seafood, fried chicken, and other delicacies. The market is a popular lunch spot for local residents and visitors alike, where one can get a hearty meal at reasonable prices.

Fort Santa Agueda

Distance from Guam Intl. Airport: 4.0mi / 6.4km

Although there is very little remaining of this rectangular fort built in 1800, a splendid view of Hagåtña and Hagåtña Bay stretches out below. Government House, the official residence of Guam’ s Governor, is adjacent to the fort’s sprawling grounds.