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Austin Straubel International Airport
Austin Straubel International Airport


Austin Straubel International Airport is located in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin. It serves a large region encompassing portions of northern Wisconsin, several communities along the Lake Michigan shoreline and much of Upper Michigan. It occupies land that is part of Green Bay, Wisconsin, plus it sits on a portion of the Oneida Nation Indian reservation. To many people who use the facility, it is simply known as the “Green Bay Airport” thanks to its proximity to the largest city in the region.

Of all the airports in the state of Wisconsin that offer service 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, Austin Straubel International Airport is the the third busiest. During the most recent year for which statistics are available, the airport facilitated over 80,000 aircraft operations. This translates into over 220 aircraft operations per day, on average. In 2011, the airport served a total of 367,000 passengers.

Austin Straubel International Airport offers commercial flights as well as general aviation service. One of the most interesting general aviation operations conducted at the airport is the transport of the Green Bay Packers football team. The team is based in Green Bay, which is located just seven miles from the airport. Fans of the team often visit the airport to watch the Packers arrive from games played away from home, and many of them are also present when the team departs for games in other cities.

Austin Straubel Airport has received special recognition from the Vatican. This is because the airport is the closest such facility to the site of the Virgin Mary apparition located in Champion, Wisconsin. Passengers from around the world can visit the shrine by flying into Austin Straubel from a number of locations.

Airport Operations

Austin Straubel is served by two runways. The first runway is oriented at a direction of 6/24, and it is 7,700 feet long. The second runway is 8,701 feet long, and it is oriented at a direction of 18/36. Both runways are 150 feet wide and each of them use concrete as a surface material. Additionally, each runway is equipped with an instrument landing system, or ILS. The second runway is also augmented with distance measuring equipment, or DME.

Austin Straubel Airport Amenities

There are two concourses at Austin Straubel International Airport. Each concourse features six gates. Construction of Concourse A was completed in July of 2004, while Concourse B was completed in December of 2005. Both concourses are connected to the main terminal, and passengers can reach them via escalator, elevator, or stairs.

The airport was named after Lt. Col. Austin Straubel. Straubel was an aviator from Brown County, Wisconsin, who died while fighting in World War II. Straubel lost his life in 1942 during a bombing mission that occurred over the Pacific Islands theater of the war. He had served in the United States Army for 13 years. The airport was given its name on March 20, 1946 after a resolution was signed by the Brown County Board of Supervisors.

Parking at Austin Straubel International Airport is incredibly convenient because the main parking facility is located in front of the terminal building. The parking area contains 1,781 long-term spaces and 210 short-term spots. The long-term parking lot features four entrances, while the short-term lot is served by two entrances. The airport also features a cell phone parking lot that allows temporary parking for motorists who arrive at the facility to pick up arriving passengers. The lot is served by a display that shows flight information, and it allows drivers to avoid circling the terminal while they wait for arrivals. Instead, motorists can simply wait for a call from the arriving parties to inform them that they are available to be picked up.