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tjoloholms slott
Tjoloholms Slott

Tjolöholms Slott

Distance from Goteborg Landvetter Airport: 38.2mi / 61.5km

Tjolöholms slott Pl 1220 , Fjärås , 430 33
+46 300 544 200
Businessman J.F. Dickson built this magnificent manor house/castle at the beginning of the twentieth century. The house is built in English Tudor style with extravagant and exclusive facilities dating from the turn of the last century; imagine for instance a vacuum cleaner with a 40-metre hose, and showers that spray water in a round motion. Tjolöholm has grand castle grounds on a peninsula in the Kungsbacka fjord.
The area includes a church built in Scottish style, popular for weddings. The old workers’ village attached to the castle is today used as holiday accommodation. Storstugan (the main cottage) functions as a conference and party hall. There is also a carriage museum on the grounds, which themselves are very beautiful to walk around in, on Dickson’s old riding lanes. If you want to go swimming, there is a small beach just at the foot of the manor, especially suitable for small children. There are a few cafés on the grounds too. Guided tours of the castle are arranged every hour.
To get there by car, take the E6 southbound to Kungsbacka.


Distance from Goteborg Landvetter Airport: 19.0mi / 30.6km

Karl Johansgatan 1-3 , Gothenburg , 414 59
+46 31 612 900
The Gothenburg Aquarium is housed in the same building as Sjöfartsmuseet (the Maritime Museum). This is the place to go if you want to see poisonous, dangerous or simply colourful tropical fish, such as piranhas or dragon fish. Another room is dedicated to common Swedish species like cod and flatfish. But the most exciting part is probably the terrarium, where you can see boa constrictors, salamanders and a couple of alligators.
To get here, take trams 3, 4 or 9 to Stigbergstorget.

Alingsås Turistbyrå

Distance from Goteborg Landvetter Airport: 19.0mi / 30.6km

Stora Torget 1 , Alingsås , 441 81
+46 322 616 200
The Tourist Information Centre in Alingsås offers you the average service that you would expect. Information on the area, booking of accommodation, activities, guides and guided tours. They have the usual brochures about Alingsås, as well as information and leaflets on other regions in Sweden. This Tourist Information Centre also arranges somewhat different events, for example Potatisfestivalen (the Potato Festival) and Bullfestivalen (The Pastry Festival).
A local train will take you to Alingsås.

alvsborgs nya fastning
Alvsborgs Nya Fastning

Älvsborgs Nya Fästning

Distance from Goteborg Landvetter Airport: 23.4mi / 37.7km

Basargatan 10 A , Gothenburg , 411 10
+46 31 609 660
Älvsborgs Nya Fästning is located on an island at the harbour entrance. It was built in the 1600s, and completed in 1660. With a fortress in the harbour entrance and military batteries on Hising island, Gothenburg was very well fortified against enemy troops.
The fortress itself has a very interesting history. It has also been used as a prison, and there are old prison cells that you are allowed to visit. There is also a chapel on the island, very popular for weddings. To get here take the ferry from Lilla Bommen. The ride takes about 30 minutes. You buy the ferry ticket in Kajskjul 207 at Lilla Bommen. A tour of the fortress and island is included in the ticket price. For departure times, check the website.
Ticket prices: adults SEK75 (EUR8.85), children aged four to 15 SEK50 (EUR5.90), family (two adults + two children) SEK195 (EUR23.01).


Distance from Goteborg Landvetter Airport: 15.5mi / 25.0km

Folkungagatan 20 , Gothenburg , 401 26
+46 31 801 235
A pleasant and reasonably priced way to see Gothenburg from the water is to take the ferry Älv-Snabben. The ferry departs from Lilla Bommen and goes to Eriksberg and Klippan. It is a comfortable way to see the harbour all year round, as the ferry has both indoor and outdoor seating.
The ferry stops on both the northern and southern riverbanks. You pass Göteborgs Maritima Centrum, a floating sea and naval museum sporting the submarine Nordkaparen. On the city side, you pass Stena Line’s Denmark-terminal, the Maritime Museum with its outlook tower, and the Gothenburg fish harbour. Ferries depart every half-hour from Lilla Bommen. Price: SEK16 (EUR1.89).


Distance from Goteborg Landvetter Airport: 19.0mi / 30.6km

Stigbergskajen , Gothenburg , 414 63
Amerikaskjulet is located by Stigbergskajen, just behind Stigbergstorget. The Swedish America Lines passenger ships started running in 1910, and Amerikaskjulet was inaugurated the same year. Passenger traffic continued until the mid-1970s. Nowadays, Amerikaskjulet is a quay for cruise ships. Until the late 1990s, the Sea Cat catamaran had its terminal here.
To get there take trams 1, 3, 4 or 9 to Stigbergstorget. Walk towards the Maritime museum, across the footbridge.


Distance from Goteborg Landvetter Airport: 17.2mi / 27.7km

Brunnsgatan , Gothenburg , 413 13 , N/A
The district of Annedal was built in the 1870s by Arbetarbostadsaktiebolaget (the Workers’ Housing Association), with the help of donations from Oscar Ekman. The two-storey houses located on Carl Grimbergsgatan were seen as ideal prototype houses for the working-class people of Gothenburg. No lodgers were allowed. Whereas Haga and Landala districts both had a sordid reputation, the elite of Gothenburg’s working classes lived here. Arbetarnas Byggnadsförening (the Workers’ Building Society) created 24 co-operatives situated on what is now Carl Grimbergsgatan. There are a few redbrick houses still situated on the street reminiscent of that era. The street is within short walking distance of Övre Husargatan and Linnégatan, with their many cafés and restaurants. To get here, take tram 2 to Brunnsgatan.