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    Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport: 438 80 Landvetter, Sweden

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport
Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport

Airport History

The Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport opened in October 1977, and it has since become the second-largest airport in the country of Sweden. Almost five million passengers per year pass through the gates at Gothenburg-Landvetter. The airport’s single runway stays busy with almost 70,000 take-offs and landings annually.

Passenger Services

The airport has two terminals, one for domestic flights, and one for international flights. Swedish customs rules dictate that there must be distinct separation of domestic and international travelers, but all check-in takes place in the international terminal, which has more updated luggage screening available. Gothenburg-Landvetter travelers are predominantly international, with the 1.3 million annual domestic passengers only making up about 25 percent of the total count.

The airport is located in Landvetter, Sweden, the town for which it was named. Landvetter is a few miles from Gothenburg, making it easy to access by bus, taxi, or car. Shuttle buses run from the center of Gothenburg to the airport on a regular schedule. Public transit buses stop at the airport en route to Gothenburg and Stockholm, with stops at many local towns along the way. In addition, passengers have several rental car options available at the airport, and taxis can be arranged just outside the terminal.

The airport can accommodate 10,000 vehicles in its on-site parking lots. Travelers have both indoor and outdoor lots available to them. The indoor parking options are located adjacent to the terminal with a covered walkway from the garage to the terminal for passengers’ convenience. The outdoor lots are just a bit farther from the terminal, which can be accessed from those lots with a ten-minute walk along a lit walkway. Short-term and long-term travelers may both use either the indoor or outdoor lots, but the outdoor options offer a better value with lower rates. Those wishing to drop off or pick up passengers can park in special lots just opposite the domestic terminal or international terminal.

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport Features

The airport features a conference center for business travelers with six conference rooms, offering meeting space for small, intimate groups of up to 70 people. There is also a hotel within close proximity of the airport, increasing its ability to cater to business travelers in the international market.

Although Gothenburg-Landvetter only has one cargo terminal hangar and one runway, it is still considered a major freight airport for several international cargo airlines. The airport averages around 60,000 tonnes of cargo freight each year and has ample parking for aircraft.

The airport is a vital member of the community as one of the largest employers in Western Sweden. In addition to their community efforts, the airport also makes great strides in its environmental focus. Swedavia, the company that operates and owns the airport, is a leader in environmental consciousness, and they were the first company in Sweden to achieve a state of climate-neutrality.

The company has been carbon-neutral since 2006, and it offers passengers the opportunity to personally engage in climate control by paying a fee in addition to their travel costs to offset any negative effects with greenhouse gas emissions. Money generated from passengers who choose to “carbon-offset” their trip is funneled to sustainable development projects in countries such as India and China.