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    Girona–Costa Brava Airport: 17185 Vilobi de Onyar. Girona, Girona, Spain

Girona-Costa Brava Airport
Girona-Costa Brava Airport


The Girona-Costa Brava Airport is located in the far northeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula in Catalonia, Spain. This location, just outside the city of Girona in the town of Vilobí d’Onyar, makes the airport ideal for tourism travel. Barcelona is about an hour’s drive away, and the airport is only 40 minutes from the French border, where the ski resorts of Andorra and the beauty of the Pyrenees draw travelers from around the world.

It is also convenient for tourists traveling to the beautiful region of Costa Brava, which stretches along Spain’s coastline north to the French border. Costa Brava is especially popular with tourists from Northern Europe seeking sun and solace from the rain and cloud cover of the United Kingdom and France.

History of Girona-Costa Brava Airport

Air travel has been a passion in this region since the early 1900s. The first recorded flight in Girona was in November 1913. The first aerodrome was started by the Empordanés Flying Club in 1931, and the Cerdanya Flying Club followed soon thereafter in 1932. Cerdanya opened an aerodrome in 1934, and flights abounded throughout Catalonia. When the Catalan government was abolished in 1939, the fate of flight in Girona seemed forever grounded. Almost all of the aerodromes in the area were closed following the Civil War. But in 1957, the promise of flight was revived when land was set aside south of Girona within the cities of Vilobì d’Onyar and Aiguaviva. By 1965, the new airport was opened with a single runway as the Girona Costa Brava Airport.

Construction continued at the airport for the next several years. By the time it opened to domestic and international passenger and cargo traffic in 1967, the airport had extended the runway and built a control tower, transmitter facility, power plant, and passenger terminal. By 1975, parking had been expanded twice, a new terminal had opened, and the runway had been extended to accommodate the larger jet aircraft being used for international travel.

As the Costa Brava region exploded on the tourism map, the traffic at the Girona-Costa Brava Airport increased, especially during the busy summer months filled with charter flights. By 2011, the airport was serving over 3 million passengers per year and handling over 62 tonnes of cargo from its single runway.

Airport Features

The two-story passenger terminal at Girona-Costa Brava has sixteen gates for boarding domestic and international flights on the first floor, with ticketing and baggage handling on the ground floor. Parking is conveniently available adjacent to the terminal in a six-story garage capable of parking 3600 vehicles. The airport also offers meeting space for business travelers with a conference room that can accommodate up to 150 people.

Travelers have access to nearby towns and resorts through six bus lines that depart daily from the airport. In addition, there are taxis and rental cars available, and a railway station is located minutes from the terminal. This convenient location and variety of travel options have made Girona-Costa Brava Airport a pleasant alternative to the crowded airport at Barcelona.

The Girona-Costa Brava Airport prides itself on upholding the Spanish tradition of green practices in air travel and sustainability. In 2007, the airport became one of 46 Spanish airports to be certified in Environmental Management Systems, publicly declaring their commitment to reducing noise and air pollution, preserving air and water quality, and efficiently recycling waste to reduce the impact on ecosystems and natural resources.

The airport also focuses on its surrounding community, offering educational tours for students and allowing approved social organizations the opportunity to promote their causes using space within the passenger terminal.