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    Bishop International Airport: G-3425 W Bristol Rd, Flint Township, MI 48507

Michigan’s Bishop International Airport, a civilian and commercial facility, is the state’s third busiest airport. Serviced by four major airlines, the airport offers flights to several popular destinations throughout the United States. With seven scheduled daily arrivals and eight daily departures, Delta is the Bishop International Airport’s busiest airline. Delta also offers two additional arrival flights from Detroit and Minneapolis every day with the exception of Saturdays. However, other flights from both Detroit and Minneapolis into the Bishop International Airport are available daily including twice a day on Sundays.

In addition to flying to Minneapolis and Detroit, Delta offers three daily flights to Atlanta. Other flights to Atlanta are available from AirTran Airways. The only other destination serviced by AirTran from the Bishop International Airport is Tampa, Florida. However, flights to Tampa are only available on Saturdays. AirTran is the airport’s second busiest airline. United Airlines holds third place with four daily arrivals and departures to Cleveland with the exception of Saturday. Only one United flight to and from Cleveland is available every Saturday, but it does not operate on Sundays.

The Bishop International Airport’s least active airline is American Airlines. The company provides exclusive service to Chicago. Three arrival and two departure flights to Chicago are available every day of the week. One departure flight is scheduled daily with the exception of Saturday. Because many of the Bishop International Airport’s airlines offer limited service on Saturdays, it’s the facility’s least busy day of the week and the best time to travel for passengers who want to get through security quickly.

Based on the number of passengers who traveled through the Bishop International Airport between April of 2011 and March of 2012, Atlanta is the facility’s most popular destination. Although far behind Atlanta in passenger numbers, Detroit is the airport’s second most popular destination. It is closely followed by Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. AirTran flights operate out of Gate 8 and Gate 9. Flights for American Airlines go out of Gate 11. Gate 12 is for United Airlines. Delta flights are usually scheduled for Gate 3 and Gate 5. Passengers who plan to travel out of the Bishop International Airport should double check baggage size restrictions. Acceptable luggage dimensions vary depending on the airline. Passengers should also check the ticket counter’s hours of operation for their airline because some are shut down in the early evening.