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Distance From Basel Airport: 9.8km

Throughout the central parts of Basel , Basel (Switzerland)
“Fasnacht” is only at 3 days in a year, but the “right basler” is preparing for it the rest of the time, learning to pipe and drum, sewing their costumes, and painting at the lanterns and masks. So if you have a chance and are here around that time, don’t miss the big event.
It starts in the morning at 4am, when all the lights are put out, and proceeds through several stages – some more open, some for children, and others in the restaurants and so on. You can find the date on the website: www.fasnacht.ch. You can also see more pictures, etc.

The Zoo
The Zoo

The Zoo

Distance From Basel Airport: 9.2km

Close to the Heuwaage , Basel (Switzerland)
The Basel Zoo is a must-see if you have a little time left. I always enjoyed being there. For the Bebbies (the people from Basel) it is only called the “Zolli”. Opened in 1874, it hosts over 6,000 animals from about 600 species. It is (after the Rhine Falls) the second-most visited touristic place in Switzerland.
In the last years, they made some very special additions. One is the Etosha house, where they simulate African flora and fauna. I am sure the lions will soon not be so shy anymore and let themselves be seen …
In winter, there is the “Penguin Parade”. When it’s cold enough outside, they take a walk with the penguins.

Fall Festival

Distance From Basel Airport: 9.7km

In various squares around Basel City , Basel (Switzerland)
The fall festival is like a giant carnival throughout the city. Roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, and booths are set up — all within walking distance of each other. If you walk through the middle of the city during this time of year, you will surely notice this fantastic festival. The night is lit with the festival lights so you can wander through the city watching people experience the Ferris wheel, eat food, and buy tasty, traditional treats.

The Middle Bridge
The Middle Bridge

The Middle Bridge

Distance From Basel Airport: 9.9km

Bridge over the Rhein in the center of the city , Basel (Switzerland)
The Middle Bridge is exactly that. There are different bridges in Basel over the Rhine, and Middle Bridge is the most central one.
The first version was built in 1226. Half of the bridge was made of wood and half of stone (the stone half is on the side of the bigger part of Basel). Later, it became quite important, as it was one of the few ways to cross the Rhine and was on a different trade route.
The smaller Basel part was actually built as a “bridge head” to protect the important bridge against attacks from Germany. Up until today, that bridge would be an important defense point, and as far as I know, there are still explosives built into it, just in case.
In 1905, the bridge as it stands today was built. The Käppeli (chapel) in the middle reminds us of the old bridge.

Museum Jean Tinguely

Distance From Basel Airport: 10.7km

Grenzacherstrasse/Solitudepark , Basel , 4002
+41 61 681 93 20
Who knows if Jean Tinguely would have believed you had you told him that his creations would once be housed in such noble rooms? The building was opened by Mario Botta in 1996 and is sponsored by the local chemical company Hoffman La Roche. Even the garden houses work by Tinguely in the shape of a fountain. A bigger version can be found on the Theaterplatz.
Tinguely loved to make things and the museum is full of his moving machine sculptures and sculptures that you can sometimes walk through. Children and adults alike love this museum and various exhibitons which highlight work by other artist similar to Tinguely complement the permanent exhibits.

Basel Munster

Distance From Basel Airport: 10.4km

Münsterplatz , Basel (Switzerland)
The Muenster is Basel’s biggest church. Towering on Munster Hill over the city, this definitely is the most well-known building of the city. It is made of red sandstone, with two towers (one seems always to be under construction). It is worth it to take a guide and let him explain all the things you can see here.
Just some of it:
On one side of the main gate, you see the holy Martin sharing his clothes. On the other side is Georg the Dragon slayer (with quite a cute dragon, actually). The gate on the side of the building has the wheel of fortune over it. Inside somewhere is the Jewish Star of David on the ground.
The towers can be climbed, but I think you have to have a reservation to do that. The stairs are small and steep. It’s a real experience, and they go up very high.