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Edmonton International Airport
Edmonton International Airport

Overview & History

Edmonton International Airport is located just a few miles south of downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Although the city already had an airport named the Edmonton Municipal Airport, the decision was made to create a new airport that would serve the people of Edmonton, the surrounding area, and visitors and guests. The main reason for building a new airport was that Edmonton Municipal Airport was too small to receive additional air traffic and passengers in the future. The site for the new airport was agreed upon in 1955. The site consisted of about 7,600 acres of land used in farming and the cost of the land was 1.5 million dollars. After the land was purchased, construction began in 1957. Three years later, the airport officially opened on November 15, 1960. Air traffic that went to the old Edmonton Municipal Airport switched to Edmonton International Airport. However, the Municipal airport continues in existence to this day with flights for industrial and commercial use. During the 1970’s, air traffic and passenger flight grew as more people used the airport and as the city of Edmonton itself grew. In the 1980’s, the main terminal received an expansion as shops, restaurants, and other facilities were added and upgraded. About 10 years later, after experiencing a number of years in decline, the airport began to increase in flights and travelers. In 1998, the decision was made to expand the airport and work was finished by 2005.

Airport Facilities

There is one main terminal at the international airport in Edmonton. The terminal is divided into two sections, which are Zone 1 and Zone 2. Zone 1 is on the South end of the airport and services flights headed to the United States. Zone 2 is at the North Central end of the airport. This side handles domestic and international flights.

The two runways at Edmonton International Airport were built in the late 1950’s. The longest runway is 10,995 feet. The shortest runway is 10,200 feet. Both runways are made out of asphalt. They were repaved in the early 1980’s.

Passenger Services

The International Airport in Edmonton has recently added a few areas where kids can play. These play areas are easy to find and there is seating for adults to sit and watch their kids. In addition to this, there are video game stations that are available.

There are a number of art collections that are at Edmonton International Airport. Some of these art collections are on permanent display and are from local, national, and international artists. Some rotating art exhibits are on display. These exhibits, which are from individuals and establishments, are usually on display for about six to twelve months. Past exhibits on display have been from individual artists and Valley Zoo, Edmonton Opera, Alberta Ballet and Reynolds-Alberta Museum among others.

The Edmonton International Airport provides live entertainment to travelers at the airport. The entertainers are local artists from the community. Music genres range from classical music to rock and roll to folk music. During Christmas time, various choirs of children come and sing classic and new Christmas songs.

Parking at Edmonton Airport

There are some great parking options at Edmonton International Airport. Easy Parkade is close to the terminal and is perfect for folks who are spending a brief amount of time at the airport. Value Park is an economical place to park a vehicle at the airport. A complimentary shuttle service brings people to where they need to be. A Cell Phone Waiting Lot is close to the airport and provides drivers a place to park while they wait for their passengers to arrive.