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    East Midlands Airport: Castle Donington, Derby DE74 2SA, United Kingdom

East Midlands Airport
East Midlands Airport

Overview & History

East Midlands Airport is close to Castle Donnington and is about 15 miles southeast from Derby, England. In 1963, the East Midlands Airport Joint Committee sought to find a new site for an airport, since Burnaston Aerodrome needed to be replaced. The Committee decided upon the former Royal Air Force base that closed in 1946. The former base was called Castle Donnington Airfield. After purchasing the site for almost 38 thousand pounds, a new airport was built. The cost of the airport was about 1.4 million pounds. The East Midlands Airport opened in 1965 by the Duke of Edinburgh. The airport received a lot of air traffic and passengers. In 1970, the runway was expanded to receive larger planes. A few years later, a second terminal was built. It was called Cargo Terminal 2 and it dealt with shipping freight. In 1984, the airport exceeded one million passengers. A couple of years later, the main terminal received an expansion and was opened by Princess Anne. The East Midlands Airport continued to grow as more air traffic and passengers chose to fly there. In fact, the airport exceeded 25 million passengers by 1996. Nine years later, the airport exceeded 50 million passengers. In 2002, a number of inexpensive airlines began air service to the airport. The result was that East Midlands Airport surged in growth. The name of the airport was changed briefly to Nottingham East Midlands Airport. However, after sharp criticism, the name was changed back to East Midlands Airport.

Airport Facilities

There is one runway at East Midlands Airport. Originally, it was 5,850 feet long, but it received two extensions. The first extension was in 1970 and it was lengthed to 7,490 feet. The second extension was 30 years later in the year 2000 and today it is 9,491 feet long. The runway is made out of asphalt.

The East Midlands Aeropark is an aviation museum that is located on the East Midlands Airport campus on the northwest corner. It is a museum where people can learn and see airplanes of another era. There are a number of historic planes outside to be viewed. Inside an airplane hanger is the museum where there are a number of photos on display and much more. From time to time, a number of historic planes use the runway at the airport.

Parking at East Midlands

There are a number of wonderful parking options at East Midlands Airport. For visitors who are looking for a terrific place to park their vehicle for a brief amount of time should consider parking at Short Stay Car Parking. This location is right next to the main terminal. The rates for Short Stay Car Parking are low and cost effective. A little more than five minutes away, people can park at the Shuttle Plus Car Park. A shuttle comes every 15 minutes and brings travelers and visitors to and from the main airport terminal. Express Car Park is right across the street from the main terminal and is about a five-minute walk from there. This parking area is great for business executives and travelers who prefer to park and go. VIP Meet & Greet Car Parking is a parking service that takes the hassle and inconvenience away from parking at an airport. Although this service requires being booked ahead of time, it parks the vehicles for customers. VIP Meet & Greet Car Parking is close to the terminal Long Stay Car Park 1, 2, & 3 is close to the terminal and is designed for people who park their vehicles at the airport for an extended period of time.