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    Düsseldorf Airport: Flughafenstraße 120, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf International Airport
Düsseldorf International Airport

Overview & History

Dusseldorf International Airport is located just a few miles north of Dusseldorf, Germany. It is the third largest international airport in Germany and had 20 million passengers in 2011. It was originally known as the Rhine Ruhr Airport. Construction of the airport began in 1925 as leaders in Dusseldorf recognized the need of an airport for the community. After two years of construction, the Dusseldorf International Airport opened in the spring of 1927. During that time, there were a number of national and international flights to various cities including Berlin and Geneva. Twelve years later during World War II, the Nazis took control of the airport. After World War II concluded, the airport was shut down. It opened again three years later. After a few years, the airport began to grow. In order to maintain growth, the main runway at the Dusseldorf International Airport was lengthened in 1950. Over time, the airport continued to grow to the point where leaders recognized that a new passenger terminal was needed. After initial plans were made, building for the new terminal began in 1964. In addition to this expansion, the runway was lengthened again. The new terminal opened in 1973. In 1998, the name of the airport became Dusseldorf International.

Airport Terminals

There are three terminals in Dusseldorf International Airport. Those are Terminal A, Terminal B and Terminal C. Terminal A opened in 1977. This terminal has 16 gates and has some international and domestic flights. Terminal B opened in 1975. This terminal is known for domestic flights. It has 11 gates, Terminal C opened in 1986. It receives a number of international flights and has eight gates.

Airport Features

Dusseldorf International Airport is serviced by two runways. The first runway is 10,474 feet long. The second runway is 10,809 feet long. Each runway is made out of concrete.

On the first Sunday of every month, passengers can experience the Dusseldorf Airport Airxperience World. It is where various singers, dance performers, festivals, and so forth come to the airport and entertain the passengers. Travelers can enter the event for free. A number of the events are geared towards children. Kids can ride a train, enjoy food, run, play, and much more. Events in the past have included Airport Games, Christmas Special at Terminal, Fashion Airport, Autumnally Terminal, and music by Voker Rosin.

The Dusseldorf International Airport has a number of services designed to assist passengers with various challenges and disabilities. The airport staff has received special training in this area. There are guided tours for visitors and passenger at Dusseldorf International Airport. On this tour, folks get to go behind the scenes and get a better idea of the inner workings at the airport.

The international airport in Dusseldorf offers Pastoral Care to passengers and visitors. It is a place where people can receive counseling and support. The location of the Pastor Care office is in Terminal A.

Parking at Dusseldorf Airport

At the Dusseldorf International Airport, there are over 20,000 parking places to park at. Terminal Parking is close to the terminal and provides people with a great location to park. Terminal P2, P3 and P7 are in the multi-story complex. Terminals P1 and P8 is in the underground lot and is protected from the elements. Long Term Parking P4, P5 and P22 are great selections for travelers who will be parking their vehicles for an extended period. P4 and P5 are in the multi-story complex and Long Term P22 is outside. Long Term Savings is a place to park for folks who are looking for inexpensive parking. Long Term Savings P23, P24, and P25 are outdoors.