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Captain Cook Birthplace Museum
Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

Distance From Durham Airport: 19.3mi

Situated in the grounds of Stewarts Park, Middlesbrough, The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum offers the visitor a massive insight into the life of the great traveller from his birth, right up until his death on 14th February 1779. Your walk around the museum starts with his childhood origins in Marton, Middlesbrough, through his 3 major expeditions and onto his death on his final expedition in Hawaii. All in all, the museum offers a great day out for families and the kids will love all the gadgets to play with!

The Newport Bridge

Distance From Durham Airport: 10.2mi / 16.5km

During the years 1932 to 1934, the second major bridge over the Tees was built. The Newport Bridge was designed by a man called Dr. David Anderson and was built by the local company Dorman, Long & Co. at a cost of £512,353. The Newport Bridge was officially opened on 28th February 1934 by the Duke of York (later King George VI) and his wife, the Duchess (Now our Queen Mother !!). It has a total length of over 400 feet and stands over 160 feet high, from road level. It is a vertical lift bridge, the centre road section being raised to high up the towers when necessary. It has a total length of over 400 feet and stands over 160 feet high, from road level. At least, that was the case until November 1990, when someone took the criminal decision to permanently fix the road section down for good, due to the cost of the upkeep of the lifting gear !! The final lift was carried out on 18th November 1990. Nevertheless, the Newport Bridge still strikes an awe inspiring pose on the Teesside landscape and I, for one, believe it’s about time it was lit up on a night, in the same way as it’s better thought of big brother, The Transporter. It is, once again, a shining example of this regions engineering excellence.

The Tees Barrage
The Tees Barrage

The Tees Barrage

Distance From Durham Airport: 9.0mi / 14.4km

Started on 4th November 1991 and completed 22nd April 1995, The Tees Barrage is one of Teesside’s newest and most impressive facilities. Its main function is to prevent the river upstream of the barrage being tidal and so opening many opportunities for water sports. The Barrage contains within its structure a fish pass, with its own integral viewing area and a 320 metre navigation channel with a 6 metre wide lock to allow small vessels to navigate from one side of the barrage to the other. In the surrounding landscaped area, facilities include a massive David Lloyd Health and Sports Club, impressive hotel, Beefeater Restaurant, windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, rowing angling and of course, the Whitewater Course which provides whitewater rafting tuition right up from beginner level !

The Transporter Bridge

Distance From Durham Airport: 11.8mi / 19.0km

The Transporter Bridge is one of Teesside’s most famous and prominent landmarks. Built between 1910-11, it was designed by a local company Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Co Ltd. (Now Kvaerner Cleveland Bridge) and built by a Glasgow company, Sir William Arroll & Co Ltd., at a cost of £84,000, who used a great deal of local workforce. The bridge was officially opened on 17th October 1911 by HRH Prince Arthur. The Transporter is the largest bridge of its kind in the world, being 850 feet (261 metres) long and 225 feet (69 metres) high at its highest point. It spans the Tees river for 571 feet (175 metres). It used to be possible to walk over the Transporter by foot, climbing stairs up one leg, crossing the top and descending the stairs down the other leg. These days, you can only cross using the suspended car that trundles along on the rails above. At night time, the Transporter is now lit up, creating a magnificent monument for Teesside that can be seen for miles around. To this day it acts as an excellent example of Teesside’s engineering excellence.