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Duluth International Airport
Duluth International Airport


The Duluth International Airport is located in Duluth, Minnesota, beside the north shore of beautiful Lake Superior. It also serves the nearby cities of Hermantown, Minnesota, and Superior, Wisconsin. It was first opened in 1929 when the city purchased more than 600 acres of land from Saint Louis County. Originally, it was called the Williamson-Johnson Municipal Airport. Northwest Airlines was the first airline to begin regular operations here in 1940 although these flights were stopped during part of World War II. However, business increased after the World War with runway extensions and the building of a control tower. Since the mid-twentieth century, much change has occurred on the runways and in the terminals. The mid-forties to early-fifties saw the extensions of all three of the original runways. In addition, the airport changed its name to Duluth International Airport in 1961.


On January 14, 2013, after three years in the making, the new, world-class terminal at Duluth International Airport opened for business. The $78 million project was a catalyst in boosting the local and state economy by awarding 110 contracts to more than 90 companies, which created more than 300 sustainable construction jobs.

Features of the Airport

Currently, Duluth International Airport operates with two runways. One runway, called 9/27, is concrete and measures more than 10,000 feet. The second runway, called 3/21 measures more than 5,000 feet and is built of asphalt.

Services within the terminal are quite up-to-date. Millions of dollars of improvements have been made over the past few years. Category II instrument landing resources are now in place, which dramatically increase safety during bad or wintry weather. In addition, the airport operates 24 hours per day, offering international customs services and air traffic control at all times.

This airport is used mainly for general passenger flights. In fact, over 300,000 people fly through Duluth every year. However, some cargo and military flights also pass through here. For passenger flights, Duluth International Airport ranks as the second busiest airport in Minnesota with only the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport taking precedence. Three major passenger airlines operate through the airport with direct flights to several U.S. cities.

Duluth Airport Transportation & Parking

The airport itself is easy to get to since it is located only five miles northwest of the Duluth city center. It is situated not far from Miller Trunk Highway, also called Highway 53, and is an easy commute from Interstate 35. It is near the neighborhoods of Airpark and Kenwood.

Long-term and short-term parking options are both offered with reasonable rates. Parking is located off Grinden Road, quite near the airport terminal. Recent updates have included changing parking payments to auto-pay for faster and easier exiting from the parking lots. The parking lots are connected to the airport with covered walkways to protect passengers and visitors from inclement weather. The airport property also includes a cell phone waiting lot for those picking up friends and family members.