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Welcome to Dubai Airport Car Rentals

Looking for a car in Dubai? We’ve got you covered. Airport Hotel Guide has connections to all of the most recognizable car rental brands, from Hertz to Europcar to Sixt.

The airport is located about 2.5 miles east of Dubai, so driving in and out of the city is easy.

Where to Go

Most car rental companies are located on-site at Dubai International, making car rental pick-up really simple. Terminal 1, 2, and 3 offer car rental kiosks in the arrivals sections. Shuttles are provided around the clock between the terminals and concourses.

  • United Arab Emirates – Terminal 1
  • Sixt – Terminal 1
  • Hertz – Terminal 1
  • Honk – Terminal 1
  • National Car Rental – Terminal 1
  • Autoeurope – Terminal 1
  • Thrifty – Terminal 1
  • Dollar Rent A Car – Terminal 2
  • Payless – Terminal 3
  • Avis – Terminal 3
  • Europcar – Terminal 3

8 Tips for Driving in Dubai

Dubai is a city packed with 2 million people, so driving can get pretty aggressive. The city is known for its subpar driving culture. Check out these things to be prepared for before getting behind the wheel in Dubai:

  1. Be prepared for roundabouts. When turning left you should stay in the left lane to avoid confusing other drivers.
  2. Stay alert for cars switching lanes without indicators such as blinking signals. Many people do not use their blinkers.
  3. Not all businesses have an actual address so they might use landmarks to provide directions.
  4. The speed limit may be faster than what you’d expect, so take caution. Main highways and motorways are generally 100 to 140 kilometers per hour. Main roads within cities are usually 80kph. Some are 60 kph – even roads that look like motorways.
  5. Take note of headlight flashing. Unlike in the U.S. where headlight flashing may notify other drivers to slow down because of a police radar ahead, this may mean you are supposed to move out of their way in Dubai. If this occurs, stay calm and move over when it is safe to do so.
  6. If you have a flat tire on the highway, you can pull over onto the hard shoulder in case of emergency. But pull far to the side of the shoulder and get behind the safety barrier if possible.
  7. Although you’ll see plenty of people driving on the shoulder, do not do it. There are fines for driving on the shoulder.
  8. Take extra caution when it rains. Though rain is rare here, the roads become rather dangerous when street surfaces are wet.

Online Reservations

Select your travel dates and vehicle type below to view rates, availability & reserve your Dubai Airport car rental today. Most of the car rental companies offer compact, mid-size, full-size, luxury, convertible, suvs and many other types of vehicles. The car rental reservation systems are very user friendly and offer great savings. Thank you for visiting.