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Despite its modern outlook and high-rise structures, Doha is still drenched in tradition. This very blend of the old and new makes Doha a must-visit city.

There are quite a few interesting tourist attractions in Doha. The highlight of Doha sightseeing is the 7-km long Corniche Bay. The most picturesque part of the Arabian Gulf, Corniche houses the main port of Doha. To see ships sailing to and from the harbor, with the escalating city skyline as the backdrop as an amazing sight

The famous Al Bida Park is also located on this waterfront promenade. Housing various shops, food joints and sports enclosures, it is known to be the best picnic spot in Doha.

Another major attraction in Doha is the Ethnographic Museum, also known as the Wind Tower House. A rare structure in the Gulf region, the huge tower has open arches that provide ventilation. The museum often holds exhibitions depicting the evolution of Doha and Qatari life in general.

The former palace of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Qassim Al Thani is now home to the Qatar National Museum. Consisting of a number of national treasures, artifacts, furniture, jewelry and traditional dresses of Qatar, the museum has been a great source of recreation since 1901.

The Doha Fort is the place where you can witness traditional paintings and other artworks of Qatar. The Palm Tree Island is the most serene and heavenly tourist attraction in Doha. Full of sandy beaches, the region has rides, shops, restaurants and everything else needed for unlimited fun in Doha.

Some other popular tourist attractions in Doha are Entertainment City, Doha Zoo, Al-Rumaila Park and the Dahl El-Hamam Public Park.


Lies north of Qatar , 57km north of Doha . Until the early 1940s the town used to be a thriving port and pearl fishing center. Other trades have started to replace that bussiness, and the town teems with relics that testify to the town’s venerable history. Its fine mosques, its museum that houses valuable archeological pieces and acquisitions and its historical towers are some examples of those relics.



Is situated south east of the country. It is the center for heavy industry with a major seaport for oil exploration and a commercial seaport.

Madinat Al-Shamal

Is a modern town functioning as an administrative center for a number of coastal villages north of the country.


It was developed following the discovery of oil in the surrounding fields.


Is situated 60km west of Doha and has a purpose-built camel racetrack. It is famous for camel races.