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Hamad International Airport

Hamad International Airport
Hamad International Airport

The Hamad International Airport is located in Qatar just a little over 9 miles from the center of the nearby city of Doha. The airport opened to the public in April of 2014. It is one of the larger airports in the country and will eventually be more than a third the size of Doha. Hamad International Airport was planned and constructed in order to relieve the load from the aging and overtaxed Doha Airport. It is located just around 3 miles east of the old Doha Airport. Flights from all around the world land at this location.

Airport Construction

The Hamad International Airport was designed in 2003. It has had a very rocky start as an airport. Construction on the airport started in 2005. The airport was specifically designed to be able to be expanded in the future as demand in the region increased. Construction took nearly eight years to complete. This included just phase one and two of a three-phase plan. The airport was opened to the public for flights in April of 2013. Unfortunately, a number of issues about the safety of planes and passengers forced the airport to close soon afterwards. Repairs were made over the next nine months. Hamad International Airport did finally open again a year later in 2014 without any further problems.

Hamad International Airport sits on a property that is over 9,000 acres in size. A good amount of this land was reclaimed from an area that once held over 229 million cubic feet of waste from the nearby city. The airport currently has two active runways. The first is almost 14,000 feet long. The second runway is a little less than 16,000 feet long. They are both made from asphalt. The runways were specifically made to handle the largest passenger and cargo planes flying today. A 1.6 million square foot aircraft maintenance hangar is included at the airport.

Airport Design

The entire design of the Hamad International Airport was intended to remind visitors of flowing water in the desert. This has lead to architecture that features a large amount of waves and smooth corners. The roof of the main terminal was made to look like waves in the ocean. Even the control tower has gently curving features along the side. The interior of the terminal is filled with fountains and displays with running water. Visitors will appreciate the large and open interior spaces with flowing architecture and light displays on the ceilings and walls in certain places.

Terminals and Gates

Hamad International Airport currently has one terminal with three concourses. The first concourse contains 10 gates for travelers including two specifically designed to accommodate the oversized A380 Airbus. The second concourse is has the same number of gates although it includes more space and amenities for families. The third concourse has 13 gates for passengers. A second terminal is going to be built at some time in the future in order to accommodate growing demand. A parking facility is located outside of the airport that can house nearly 3,500 vehicles.

Hamad International Airport has the ability to handle over 29 million passengers every year. The two runways allow the airport to take care of around 90 aircraft movements every hour during normal operations. Additionally, the airport can accommodate over 1.5 million tons of cargo each year. The amount of passengers and cargo that can be handled at Hamad International Airport is expected to double when the second terminal is constructed.