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    Hamad International Airport: Ras Abu Abboud St, Doha, Qatar

Being the only airport to offer commercial service in the country of Qatar, Hamad International Airport is served by airlines from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. All flights at Hamad International Airport land in the Arrival Terminal. The Departure Terminal is where passengers can check in, buy tickets, and board their flights from the gates.

First and foremost, Hamad International Airport serves as the main hub for Qatar Airways. The national airline of Qatar operates the busiest schedule at this airport. One of the largest airlines in the Middle East connects Doha to more than 60 international destinations on multiple continents. Qatar Airways offers flights to dozens of important cities in the Arab world. Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and United Arab Emirates are on the schedule of Qatar’s busiest airline company. The airline also operates flights to other important Muslim destinations in Africa and Asia including Sudan and Indonesia.

Qatar Airways links Hamad International Airport with major European cities in France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. The Qatari airline also provides flights to Russia and some former Soviet Republics including Azerbaijan. Some of Asia’s largest cities are also accessible via Qatar’s national flag carrier. Beijing, Bangalore, Bangkok, Chennai, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Seoul, and Tokyo are directly linked to Hamad International Airport. The Qatar Airways busy schedule also includes several flights to the American continent. Chicago, New York City, Montreal, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires are some of the major cities that are on the non-stop list of Qatar Airways service.

Hamad International Airport is well served by airlines from various Middle Eastern countries. Three of the major airlines from the United Arab Emirates all serve Doha. Emirates and Flydubai take passengers to Dubai International Airport while Etihad Airways transports customers to Abu Dhabi. Qatar’s island nation neighbor Bahrain is accessible via Gulf Air and Bahrain Air service. Offering trips to Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudia Airlines takes customers to major holy cities in the largest country on the Saudi Arabian peninsula.

Other large Middle Eastern airline companies serving Hamad International Airport are EgyptAir, Iran Air, Iran Aseman Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Middle East Airlines, Pakistan International Airlines, Royal Jordanian, and Syrian Air.

British Airways, KLM Royal Dutch, Lufthansa, and Turkish Airlines are the only European airlines that serve Qatar’s main international airport. Offering trips to Washington District of Columbia, United Airlines is the only North American airline to operate at the airport.