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Denver International Airport
Denver International Airport

Location of the Airport

The Denver International Airport is located approximately 25 miles from downtown Denver, Colorado. The airport is very large encompassing over 50 square miles in total area. This makes Denver International the largest airport in America. Furthermore, Denver International is also one of the busiest airports in both the United States and the world. The airport handles over 52 million passengers each year. Several major air carriers use Denver International as a hub, and the airport is a stopover point on many routes.

Airport Construction & Design

Denver International Airport was designed to replace the city’s Stapleton Airport that was fast becoming outdated. The new airport took two years to finish once contruction began, and it officially opened on February 28, 1995.

The airport’s architectural design is one of its unique features. The terminal roof was made to resemble the Rocky Mountains covered with snow. This appearance was achieved by using steel cables to hold up the white, fiberglass peaks that were then coated with Teflon.

Clean energy was an important consideration during the airport construction. The airport utilizes a solar energy system consisting of over 9,000 solar panels to help power airport operations.

Currently, there are six operating runways at the airport. All of the runways are made of concrete. The longest of the runways is 16,000 feet in length. The five other runways are all 12,000 feet in length.

Services at Denver International Airport

Passengers using Denver International will find many services and amenities to use while waiting for their flights. One of these services is massage service available at one of the two A Massage centers located at the B Gates Mezzanine Level and the A Gates Center Core Level. There are fees for this service.

Some of the airlines using the airport offer lounges for their passengers. The American Airlines Admiral’s Club is located at the north end of the A Gate bridge. This is also the location of the British Airway’s Executive Club.

Another convenient service offered is free global calling. Passengers can make use of the airport’s 200 landline telephones to call anywhere in the world free for the first 10 minutes.

A free battery charging service is available. Quick charging for cell phone and laptop batteries is available at the Concourse Level of A, B,, and C Gates.

The airport also makes it easier for passengers who are traveling with their pets. A pet exercise area is located on Level 2 West in the Jeppesen Terminal.

On Level 6 of the Jeppesen Terminal, travelers will find two places for worship. One of the worship facilities is for Jews and Christians while the other is designed for use by Muslim passengers.

Parking & Transportation at the Airport

When traveling from Jeppesen Terminal to A, B, and C Gates, passengers have two options. There are pedestrian bridges linking the terminal and gates. Also, a passenger train tranports passengers between Jeppesen Terminal and the gates.

There are several parking options at Denver International. There is a 45-minute waiting lot for those picking up passengers. Drivers must wait in their cars in this lot until notified that a passenger is ready for pick-up.

The Pike’s Peak and Mt. Elbert Shuttle Lots are the cheapest parking options. Airport shuttles pick-up passengers every 10 minutes.

Garage East and Garage West offer overnight parking. Short Term East and Short Term West offer parking by the hour and are not to be used for overnight parking. Two lots offer valet parking service.

Airlines Serving Denver

Being one of the busiest airports in the United States, Denver International Airport proudly hosts some of the best airlines. The airport is the main hub for Frontier Airlines, one of the major low cost airline companies in the United States. Since it is based in one of the largest cities on the west coast, Frontier Airlines naturally offers convenient service to other major destinations in the western and southwestern part of the United States. Dallas, Des Moines, Fargo, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, and Salt Lake City are directly linked to Denver International Airport via Frontier Airlines.

The busy low cost carrier also operates flights to major destinations in California including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento. Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica are some of the international destinations on the list of Frontier Airlines trips. You can find the Frontier Airlines fleet stationed near Concourse A at Denver International Airport. Some of the Frontier Airlines services are operated by Republic Airlines.

Denver International Airport also serves as a hub for Great Lakes Airlines. This modest sized regional airline mostly provides service to the Midwest region surrounding the Great Lakes. Many of the trips by Great Lakes are to small regional airports rather than busy airports in metropolitan areas. This airline is based at Concourse A at Denver International Airport.

United Airlines is by far the busiest carrier at Denver International Airport. This major U.S. company connects Colorado’s largest city with more than 100 domestic destinations. United Airlines practically provides direct service to all major metropolitan regions in the United States. State capital cities such as Atlanta, Boston, Columbus, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Salt Lake City are on the list of United Airlines stops. About half of all United Airlines service is provided under the United Express brand name. You can board the impressive Boeing and Airbus fleet of United Airlines from Concourse B at Denver International Airport.

Although it is one of the largest airlines on the planet, Delta Air Lines offers limited service at Denver International Airport. This major company offers flights to its other major airport hubs in Atlanta, Cincinnati, New York City, Detroit, and Minneapolis. Delta Air Lines service is available in Concourse C.

After Frontier Airlines and United Airlines, Southwest Airlines is the third busiest carrier at Denver International Airport. More than 40 domestic destinations can be reached via Southwest Airlines service that is offered in Concourse A and Concourse C.