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Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Airport Location

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is located less than 25 miles outside of Dallas, Texas. As airports started to rise up in the United States, the city of Dallas asked Fort Worth officials if they wanted to share an international airport. Fort Worth declined their offer. The result of this was that both Dallas and Fort Worth had their own airports. Fort Worth built Meacham Field and Dallas built Love Field. After a number of years, Fort Worth developed a new airport after World War II. It was named Amon Carter Field. After it opened, flights from Meacham Field flew into Amon Carter Field. However, the majority of flights continued to use Love Field in Dallas. Eventually, both sides agreed that they should build an airport together. A site was found that was a convenient location for both cities. Dallas and Fort Worth purchased the land for the airport in 1966. The airport opened a few years later as the Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Airport. The name of the airport changed in 1985 to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. As time wore on, more passengers and air traffic came to the airport. In response to the growth it was receiving, a number of renovations and additions were added to better serve passengers and air traffic.

Terminals at DFW

There are five terminals and 152 gates at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The Terminals are A, B, C, D, and E. Terminal A was originally known as Terminal 2E. It has 31 gates. Passengers knew Terminal B as Terminal 2W. It opened in 1974 and has 35 gates. Terminal C was known as Terminal 3E and has 31 gates. International Terminal D is the international terminal and has 29 gates. The final terminal is Terminal E. It was originally known as Terminal 4E and has 26 gates.

The terminal is served by Dallas-Fort Worth Skylink. Skylink is like a light rail train that brings passengers from one terminal to another. The service opened in 2005 and there is a train that stops at each location every two minutes. Skylink trains can reach speeds up to 37 miles an hour. While many passengers stand while riding Skylink, there are seats available for senior citizen riders and for folks who prefer to sit down while on the train.

Airport Amenities

There are seven runways at the international airport in Dallas and Fort Worth. Four runways are at least 13,400 feet. The other three runways are all under 10,000 feet. All of the runways are made out of concrete.

Parking at DFW

There are some great parking options at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. At Terminal Parking, travelers and visitors have over 28,000 parking places from which to choose. People do not have to be concerned about what terminal they park at because Terminal Parking provides complimentary green and blue vans to bring them to the terminal they need to get to. Vans arrive at each terminal every 10 minutes. Express Parking is a parking area where travelers can park their vehicle and be picked up by a shuttle. The shuttle brings them to the right terminal. While on the way, people can enjoy complimentary bottled waters and newspapers. When coming back to Dallas-Fort Worth, the shuttle service brings travelers back to their vehicles. Express Parking has 7,000 spaces from which to choose. Remote Parking is a great place to park for people who prefer an economic parking option and do not mind being further away from the terminals. A bus service brings customers to where they need to be. There are over 4,700 parking spaces available for people to park.

Airlines Serving DFW Airport

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is one of the five domestic hubs for American Airlines. In fact, this major U.S. carrier has headquarters in the city of Fort Worth near the airport. American Airlines connects the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area with more than 50 domestic destinations in all parts of the country. Major southwest destinations on the American Airlines schedule include Albuquerque, New Orleans, Phoenix, and Tucson. The busy airline also links the Dallas-Fort Worth area with other large cities in Texas including Austin, El Paso, Houston, and San Antonio.

American Airlines also connects Texas’ busiest airport with major West Coast cities including Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Seattle. Dozens of other major destinations in the Midwest, Southeast, and East Coast are also available on the American Airlines schedule. All domestic flights operated by American Airlines depart from Terminal A, C, and D at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

The Fort Worth based airline is the primary link between Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and other major international destinations. American Airlines offers non-stop flights to Canada, Caribbean, Central America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Buenos Aires, Cancun, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Toronto are on the lineup of this major U.S. carrier. All international flights operated by American Airlines take off from Terminal D.

American Eagle is the second busiest carrier at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. This company is also based in the city of Fort Worth. In fact, American Eagle and American Airlines are both part of the parent company AMR Corporation. More than 40 U.S. destinations are accessible to Dallas-Fort Worth passengers thanks to American Eagle. This company specializes in flights to secondary and regional airports throughout the United States. Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Cincinnati, Des Moines, Lexington, Milwaukee, and Santa Fe are on the list of American Eagle flights. You can board this airline’s domestic flights from the gates at Terminal B and Terminal D at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Departing from Terminal D, all international flights provided by American Eagle are to destinations within Mexico such as Guadalajara and Veracruz.

Other major U.S. based airline companies that operate at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport include Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways. Operating mostly in Terminal E, each American carrier offers limited service because of the busy schedule operated by American Airlines and American Eagle. Major international airlines serving the busiest airport in Texas include Aeromexico, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Korean Air, Emirates, and Qantas.