Dong Khoi street in Ho Chi MinhTan Son Nhat International Airport is Vietnam’s largest international airport, located 7km north of the city centre (District 1). The air conditioned airport bus, service number 152, is the cheapest way into the city. You can also get in town with taxis for US$3-5 (make sure the driver uses the meter and wears an official badge) in approx. 20-30minutes. Airport Taxis and Saigon Taxis: +84 (0)88424242 (A departure tax of US$14 must be paid in cash (dollars or dong) when leaving.)

Local Public Transport
Since 2004 Saigon has had an efficient public transit bus network. It’s cheaper and safer than many of the alternatives. 2.000 VND/ride (Available onboard bus). More information:
Address: 131 Nguy?n Hu? Street, B?n Nghé Ward, District 1
Phone: + 84 (0)88298992 / +84 (0)88944010

Taxis are the most comfortable way of getting around and are cheap. It’s easy and safe to catch one anywhere and anytime. It’s recommended to use the newest taxis, they have air conditioning and they drive more safely. Taxis in Ho Chi Minh City charge you 12 000 VND for the first 2 km, and 6000 VND for every km thereafter. Always make sure the meters work properly. Airport Taxis and Saigon Taxis: +84 (0)88424242

This three wheel peddled vehicle is being phased out, as more and more streets are banning the cyclos from entering. Cyclos’ prices are bargains, which is about one third of taxi fares.

Bicycles And Motorbikes For Hire
Bicycles and motorbikes for hire are available along the pavements near hotels and around the backpackers’ area. Many places will ask you to leave your passport as a deposit; other places just ask you for your name and the hotel where you are staying. Prices are negotiable, a motorbike is about 6-12$ per day or less, while bicycles cost around 4 – 6$ per day.Saigon Scooter Centre
Phone: +84 (0)8 8487816

Dong Khoi
Address: District 1
Phone: +84 (0)8 829 2291

Doha Clinic Hospital Address: New Al-Mirqab Street, Al Sadd Tel: +84 (0)974 438 4333
Address: New Al-Mirqab Street, Al Sadd
Phone: +84 (0)974 438 4333

Emergency Center
Address: 125 Le Loi St, District 1 Tel: +84 (0)8 829 0898
Address: 125 Le Loi St, District 1
Phone: +84 (0)8 829 0898

Country Code: +84 Area code: 08

220 Volts, 50 Mhz