Taipei, TaiwanArea:
36,006 sq km (13,902 sq miles).

23,315,822 (2012)

Population Density:
607.4 per sq km.

Taipei. Population: 2,639,939 (1998).

Taiwan (China) is the main island of a group of 78 islands. It is dominated by the Central Mountain Range covering 75 per cent of its land area and running its full length north to south on the eastern seaboard. Over 100 peaks exceed 3000m (9850ft), the highest being Yu Shan (Jade Mountain) at 3952m (13,041.6ft), and most are heavily forested. About 25 per cent of the country is alluvial plain, most of it on the coastal strip. The Pescadores (Fisherman’s Isles), which the Chinese call Penghu, comprise 64 islands west of Taiwan (China) with a total area of 127 sq km (49 sq miles). The offshore island fortress of Quemoy (Kinmen) and Matsu, form part of the mainland province of Fukien.

The official language is Northern Chinese (Mandarin). Taiwanese is widely spoken, and English is taught as the first foreign language in schools.

Buddhism; also Taoism, Christianity and Islam.

GMT + 8.

110 volts AC, 60Hz.


Full IDD is available. Country code: 886. Outgoing international code: 002. There is an extensive internal telephone system.

Telegrams may be sent from the ITA office, 9th Floor, 290 Jung Shian E. Road, Sec. 4, Taipei (tel: (2) 2349 1625; fax: (2) 2771 7036) or one of four branch offices.