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Cork Airport
Cork Airport

Location of the Airport

Cork Airport is one of Ireland’s busiest regional airports. It is located about 10 kilometers south of Cork City near several of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions in Ballygarvan’s main business center. It is currently operated by the Irish Ministry of Transport.

The airport serves as an important regional transportation hub for over 60 airlines that offer commercial flights to destinations located in the United Kingdom and Europe. It also serves as an important transfer point for many English and Irish cargo hauling companies.

History of Cork Airport

Cork residents can trace the airport’s history back to 1957 when the Irish government agreed to accept bids for the construction of an airport located near Ballygarvan’s main business center. Over 20 bids were considered before the Irish government decided to hire a Cork-based construction company to complete the project.

The airport was officially opened on October 16, 1961 after several test flights were completed. It originally included a small passenger terminal, a customs center and two airplane hangars that featured symmetric Space Age designs. Passengers can see remnants of these designs when they visit the airport’s main message board located about 300 meters north of the main entrance.

The Irish Ministry of Transport upgraded the airport’s facilities during a 1975 renovation project. The project’s main highlights included a new welcome center, an office complex, a modern customs office, and a new ticket center. These additions provided the space the airport needed to accommodate more passengers. They also provided the infrastructure needed to accommodate the jet planes that were used by commercial airlines during the 1970s.

A new passenger terminal was constructed during the 1990s in an attempt to modernize the airport’s facilities. It replaced the original terminal building that was converted into office space. It was upgraded during the early 2000s to accommodate changes in technology and security protocols.

Airport Amenities & Services

Cork International Airport is now a medium-sized airport that provides transportation and customs services to nearly 10,000 passengers each day. Most of these services are offered at the airport’s terminal.

The airport’s terminal is divided into two levels. The first level is home to the airport’s customs center, currency exchange centers, and welcome center. It is also home to the airport’s rental car center, arrival hall, baggage claim center, and message boards. It is open every day from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. for your convenience.

The terminal’s second level is home to the airport’s security checkpoint and the Jack Lynch Lounge. It is also home to the airport’s departure hall and entrance to the airport’s parking structures. It is open every day from 5:30 a.m. to midnight.

The airport’s parking structures are located about 300 yards east of the airport’s terminal. They are open every day from 4 a.m. to midnight.

Two of the airport’s parking structures offer long-term parking services. They offer travelers weekly and monthly parking services that can help you simplify your travels. They also offer temporary parking services for visitors who are picking up or dropping off passengers at the airport’s car rental center.

The other two parking structures offer hourly and daily parking options. Travelers can purchase tickets to use any of the airport’s parking structures by visiting the kiosks that are located near the entrance to the parking structure that offers hourly parking options.

Finally, Cork Airport offers passengers a service hub that can help you streamline your travels. It is called “The Loop.” It is open each day from 5 a.m. to midnight.

The Loop is located in front of the airport’s arrival and departure centers. It features an Internet kiosk, several ATMs, two infant care centers and two passenger lounges. It also features a message board that offers the latest information about flights entering and leaving the airport. Be sure to visit The Loop before your next flight from Cork Airport to obtain information that can help you save money on import duties and customs fees.