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    Cork Airport: Kinsale Road, Cork, Ireland

Being the second largest airport in Ireland, Cork Airport is naturally served by some of the busiest Irish airline companies. Based in Dublin, Aer Lingus uses Cork Airport as one of three hubs in Ireland. The official carrier of Ireland connects the city of Cork to several major capital cities in Europe. Aer Lingus provides non-stop flights to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Brussels Airport, London Heathrow Airport, and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. The German Bavarian city of Munich and Spanish Andalusian city of Malaga are also directly linked to Cork via Aer Lingus.

During the peak vacation season, Aer Lingus takes passengers from Cork Airport to popular destinations in southern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea. The Spanish waterfront cities of Alicante and Barcelona and Portugal’s seaside cities of Faro and Lisbon are accessible via Ireland’s flag carrier. In addition to the Mediterranean island of Palma de Mallorca, Spain’s Grand Canary Islands of Gran Canaria and Tenefire near the west coast of Africa can also be reached through Aer Lingus flights.

Using Aer Lingus Regional service, customers at Cork Airport can get to major cities in the United Kingdom. Birmingham, Bristol, and Manchester are large cities in England directly connected to Cork via Aer Lingus Regional. Additionally, this major Irish carrier links Cork with major Scottish destinations of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Although it is known as the Aer Lingus brand, the service to the United Kingdom is operated by Aer Arann, an Irish regional company.

Ryanair is another major Irish airline that serves Ireland’s second busiest airport. This low cost carrier offers direct flights to some of Poland’s largest cities including Krakow, Gdansk, Warsaw, and Wroclaw. Lithuania’s capital city Vilnius is another important Eastern European destination offered by Ryanair.

Offering service to Gatwick Airport and Stansted Airport in London, Ryanair serves as an important bridge between Cork and England. The city of Liverpool is the other destination in the United Kingdom available via Ryanair. On a seasonal basis, Ireland’s major low cost airline offers flights to popular resorts in Spanish territory on the Iberian Peninsula and Mediterranean region.

Wizz Air is the third busiest airline at Cork Airport. The Hungarian low cost carrier offers direct flights only to Eastern Europe. Gdansk, Warsaw, and Vilnius are on the Wizz Air schedule.

All flights arrive in the Lower Level of the terminal at Cork Airport. The check-in desks and ticket counters are also located on the lower level. The departure gates for all airlines are located on the Upper Level of the terminal.