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    Copenhagen Airport: Lufthavnsboulevarden 6, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark

Copenhagen Airport
Copenhagen Airport

Airport Quick Facts

The Copenhagen Airport is an international airport that serves the Greater Copenhagen area, as well as southern Sweden and provides easy access to many destinations across Denmark. Located only 5 miles from the center of the city, the airport is the largest and busiest airport in Scandinavia, serving more than 62,000 passengers each day, 90% of whom are international travelers.


Originally called Kastrup Airport, the Copenhagen Airport opened on April 20th, 1925, as one of the world’s first public airports, and one of the first international airports in Europe. In 1946, the SAS airline was founded, which dramatically increased traffic to the airport, making it Europe’s third busiest. In 1956, the airport began handling 1 million passengers annually and was named the best airport in the world. In 1973, a third runway was built to be long enough to handle increasing jet traffic, and a dual runway system was implemented to help solve expansion needs. In 1999, the airport went through an expansion, adding new terminals, a hotel, and a train station. In 2007, a metro station opened to connect the airport to the city via the local metro system. In 2011, the airport handled over 22 million passengers.

Geography and Service

The Copenhagen Airport is located on the island of Amager, close to the heart of the city. Four terminals comprise the airport, three of which are dedicated to international travel. Three runways are used and serve over 250,000 takeoffs and landings annually, accounting for more than 22 million passengers. Its proximity to the metropolitan areas of Copenhagen and Malmø in Sweden make it a popular choice for international travelers. The train station at the airport connects to the city and to destinations across Denmark, as well as to Sweden. In addition, the metro connects the airport to the city and buses can also be used to reach the terminals. Parking is available throughout the grounds in three different categories, Budget, Standard, and Direct. Budget lots offer the best rates and a free bus connects to the terminal every 15 minutes. Standard parking areas are largely indoors and are closer to the terminals while offering reasonable prices. Direct parking is intended for frequent travelers who desire to park indoors beside Terminal 3 for maximum convenience.


The Copenhagen Airport is located in a beautiful area of Denmark, next to the water and close enough to see the Swedish coast across the sea. The facilities have been well maintained, and the newer expansions exemplify Danish design. The airport is home to a variety of food and shopping options for travelers, including tax-free shopping areas for tourists. Hungry travelers can opt to grab fast food or a quick bite from cafés and delis, or choose to sit down and enjoy a hearty meal and drink before traveling. Shopping amenities make it easy to grab a souvenir, or to shop among boutiques for Danish and international designer brands. In addition, the Copenhagen Airport is home to five lounges, as well as a spa and a Hilton hotel.