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Columbus Zoo & Aquarium
Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Feel like taking a walk on the wild side? If you visit the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, you can do just that at their “African Forest; Congo Expedition.” It’s a great opportunity to not only learn about the wildlife in the African Jungle, but also understand how climatology in the Afican Rainforest affects an animal’s life.

The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium has received national recognition for its success in breeding cheetahs and lowland gorillas, and for having the country’s largest collection of reptiles.

Located right next door to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, Wyandot Lake Adventure Park is now known as one of the top water parks in the Midwest.

If you visit the Center of Science and Industry (COSI), you just may meet the first woman in the U.S. to walk in space. Her name is Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, and she’s the president of COSI.

And Dr. Sullivan has been actively involved developing COSI’s new exhibit, “SPACE.” This Learning World will take you back in time to show the history of the manned space program and into the future to share the vision of today’s explorers and scientists. COSI guests will be encouraged to learn and explore by taking a hands-on approach.
COSI’s theater experience will leave you dizzy with excitement after seeing the IWERKS┬« Extreme Screen! It’s a seven-story screen and now you can watch their new movie “Dolphins!”

Travel with Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski into the ocean to swim alongside the dolphins. Discover how scientists are trying to understand their language of chirps, squeaks, whistles, squawks and clicks.