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Dom-Cologne Cathedral
Dom-Cologne Cathedral

Dom-Cologne Cathedral

Distance From Cologne Airport: 10.3mi / 16.5km

Central Cologne
Begun in 1248 to house the relics of the Magi which had been brought to Cologne by Frederick Barbarossa’s chancellor Reinald von Dassel 75 years earlier, the Dom was not completed until 1880. Despite changing architectural styles through the centuries, the result is essentially Gothic with an emphasis on impressive vertical lines. The lavishly carved choir stalls dating from 1310 are the oldest in Germany and the life-size cross (housed in the chapel below the organ loft), at over a thousand years old, is believed to be the oldest in existence. Situated in the heart of the Cologne, from the top of the Dom’s south tower there are panoramic views across the city and surrounding area.

Wallraf-Richartz/Ludwig Museum

Distance From Cologne Airport: 9.5mi / 15.3km

Adjacent to the Dom, D-50667 Cologne
Cologne’s oldest museum was founded in the nineteenth century to exhibit works by local artists of the Gothic period and has been extended into a collection which spans from the fourteenth to the twentieth century. The Wallraf-Richartz collection encompasses every school from German, Dutch and Flemish masters to French Impressionism; as well as the ‘Ludwig Donation’ of American art of the mid-twentieth century. The museum also has works by earlier twentieth century artists such as Max Ernst and Paul Klee and Germany’s largest collection of works by Wilhelm Leibl.

The Römisch-Germanisches Museum

Distance From Cologne Airport: 10.3mi / 16.6km

Neighbouring the Wallraf-Richartz/Ludwig Museum, D-50667 Cologne
The most impressive attraction in the Römisch-Germanisches Museum (Roman-Germanic Museum) is the 70 square metre (750 square feet) Dionysos-Mosaik. The mosaic, once the floor of the main room of a large Roman villa dating from the third century CE, was discovered in 1941 during excavation work for an air-raid shelter. The museum also has an interesting collection of Roman glass, ceramics, marble and jewellery from the early centuries of the first millennium.

Kunsthandel Klefisch Gallery & Auction House

Distance From Cologne Airport: 10mi / 16.1km

Ubierring 35 -, D-50678 Cologne
Tel: +49 22 1321 740 Fax: +49 22 1325 217
Founded in 1972, Kunsthandel Klefisch is a gallery and auction house specializing in fine Japanese and Chinese art including Ukiyo-e prints, Inro, Netsuke, Tsuba and Lacquerware.

Museum of East Asian Art

Distance From Cologne Airport: 11mi / 17.7km

100 Universitatsstraße, D-50674 Cologne
Founded in 1913 to exhibit the Fischer Collection, the original museum building was destroyed during World War II and replaced in 1977 by the current Japanese-inspired construction and landscape garden. The extensive collection covers all aspects of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean art, craft and sculpture from 1500 BC to the nineteenth century.

The Kolner Philharmonie
The Kolner Philharmonie

The Kolner Philharmonie

Distance From Cologne Airport: 10.3mi / 16.5km

Ticket information: , KolnMusik GMBH,, Bischofsgartenstraße 1, D-50667 Cologne
Tel: +49 22 1280 1 Fax: +49 22 1204 1861
Housed in the same building as the Wallraf-Richartz/Ludwig Museum, the ‘Philharmonie’ concert hall has at least one performance scheduled for virtually every day of the year. Recitals range from chamber music to jazz, folk and pop, with a house policy of encouraging lesser-known, new and unusual music.

Museum of Chocolate

Distance From Cologne Airport: 9.5mi / 15.3km

Rheinauhafen , D-50678 Cologne
Tel: +49 22 1931 8880
Located in an extraordinary 2000 square meter (6500 square feet) building of brick and glass on a small promontory close to the Altstadt, the Imhoff-Stollwerck Museum (also known as the Chocolate Museum) celebrates the story of chocolate from bean to wrapper. Part of the exhibition is a walk-through arboretum containing cocoa trees and exotic plants, but the highlight is a chocolate fountain oozing ‘schokolade’, which visitors are encouraged to sample.