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Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

History of Cleveland Hopkins Airport

Located in the second largest city of Ohio, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) has a great spot in American aviation history. Upon opening its doors to the public in 1925, CLE became one of the first Municipal airports in the United States. During the early years, the airport served as a major stop for planes delivering air mail across the United States. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has also been a pioneer in U.S. aviation technology. The airport used the first ever airfield lighting system in the country. Additionally, CLE airport also had the world’s first Air Traffic Control Tower to be equipped with radio communication technology.

In 1929, Cleveland hosted the National Air Races for the first time. For the following two decades, the airport was the home venue for these exciting events that advanced aviation technology in the United States. During the 1930’s, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport attracted notable American pilots such as Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh. World War II stopped the popular National Air Races in Cleveland. However, similar exciting events returned to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport once again with the 1964 Cleveland National Air Show. Nowadays, this annual event is hosted at the Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport.

Airport Amenities

Today, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport occupies more than 1,900 acres about 10 miles from the heart of Cleveland. The airport is situated in a fairly urban and busy setting near the intersection of Interstate 71 and Interstate 480. Serving more than 9 million passengers each year, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is officially the busiest airport in the state of Ohio. In fact, this busy airport is located within a 500 mile radius of nearly half of the population in the United States.

Serving over 7 million passengers every year, it’s interesting to mention that the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport could never contend for the title of being the busiest airport in Ohio. This is because the airport serving Cincinnati, the third largest city in Ohio, is actually located within the state of Kentucky.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport consists of one large terminal complex that is divided into five major sections. The Main section is the lobby area and section that is open to the public. The rest of the terminal consists of Concourse A, Concourse B, Concourse C and Concourse D. Each Concourse has a satellite type of layout that is common in major modern airports. Concourse A, B, and C are accessible from the Main section of the terminal. However, Concourse D can only be reached via the walkway that is connected to Concourse C.

There are two parallel Concrete runways at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. One runway measures 9,000 feet and the other is nearly 10,000 feet long. The 6,000-foot crosswind runway is made from a mixture of Asphalt and Concrete.

Parking at the Airport

There are more than 7,000 total parking spaces available at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Such a number is sufficient to accommodate the busy vehicle traffic coming in from the nearby interstate highways. Drivers can safely leave their cars in the Hourly/Daily Garage right in front of the terminal complex. The Long Term Garage is located right behind the Hourly/Daily Garage. Both garages are directly connected to the terminal complex via elevated skywalks. The Economy Shuttle Lot is the third parking option at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Ohio’s busiest airport also has its own train station that is served by the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA.) Of course, curbside shuttles and taxis wait to pick up passengers right outside the terminal building at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Airlines Serving Cleveland Hopkins Airport

Serving as a gateway into Ohio’s second most populous city, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport proudly hosts some of the top airline companies in North America. United Airlines uses Cleveland’s main airport as a regional hub in the Midwest. This busy airline connects Cleveland to other large metropolitan areas in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, and Phoenix. Additionally, United Airlines regularly takes tourists to popular international resort destinations such as Cancun, Mexico and San Juan, Puerto Rico. All of these United Airlines flights are available at Concourse C.

At Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, there are more than 25 total destinations that are operated under the United Express brand name of United Airlines. The schedule includes direct flights to major airports in metropolitan areas and some smaller regional airports. Examples of United Express destinations include Albany, Dayton, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Nashville, Hartford, and Providence. During peak vacation season, United Express takes passengers to Florida’s tourist hot spots such as Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and West Palm Beach. Most of the United Express services are reserved to Concourse D.

Air Canada Express is the only international airline that serves Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The subsidiary of Canada’s flag carrier connects Cleveland with Toronto Pearson International Airport, which is the busiest airport in Canada. Air Canada Express is the only other company to share Concourse C with United Airlines.

Passengers at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport can enjoy service from the world’s biggest airline company in terms of fleet size. Delta Air Lines links Ohio’s second largest city with other busy airports that serve as a hub for Delta. Atlanta, Detroit, New York City, and Minneapolis are destinations that Delta Air Lines specializes in. Most of the flights in Cleveland are provided under the Delta Connection brand name. Concourse B at the terminal complex is where Delta Air Lines serves its customers.

Passengers at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport who’d like to visit some of Mexico’s most popular resorts can board the Frontier Airlines fleet. This major regional airline offers direct flights all year long to Cancun and Punta Cana. Frontier Airlines jets wait to pick up its passengers at Concourse A.

From Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, US Airways operates direct routes to Charlotte/Douglas International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport. US Airways passengers can catch their flights at Concourse A. Other major U.S. companies serving Cleveland include American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and US Airways.