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    Christchurch International Airport: 30 Durey Rd, Christchurch Airport, Christchurch 8053, New Zealand

Christchurch International Airport is a hub airport for Air New Zealand. The airline is also the largest and most popular carrier at the airport. Much of its mainline service operates from the domestic terminal, and passengers can use it to fly to the destinations of Auckland, Dunedin, Queenstown, Rotorua, and Wellington. The airline also offers flights through its mainline service from the airport’s international terminal. Passengers can fly to the destinations of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Nadi, Sydney, and Tokyo by using the airline’s international flights. Air New Zealand also offers a number of flights through its Air New Zealand Link program. These flights travel to destinations such as Hamilton, Napier, New Plymouth, Nelson, Palmerston North, and Wanaka. Air New Zealand Link flights are operated by third-party carriers including Air Nelson, Mount Cook Airlines, and Eagle Airways.

Virgin Australia also uses Christchurch International Airport as a hub for its operations. The airline operates from the airport’s international terminal, and it offers flights to the Australian cities of Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. As the second-largest airline in Australia, the airline is very popular for travelers who fly from Christchurch to the nearby Australian continent.

A number of airlines provide service to just one destination from Christchurch International Airport. For example, Singapore Airlines provides service only to the island nation of Singapore from Christchurch. Similarly, Qantas Airlines only offers flights to Sydney from Christchurch. Air Pacific is another such airline with flights that travel to the sole destination of Nadi. All of these airlines use the airport’s international terminal. Air Chathams is the remaining carrier that offers flights to just one destination – in this case, the Chatham Islands – but the airline uses the domestic terminal at the Christchurch airport.

Jetstar Airways has a moderate, but important presence at the Christchurch International Airport. The airline offers domestic and international flights, which means that it uses both terminals at the airport. Domestic destinations served by Jetstar include Auckland and Wellington. Internationally, the airline serves Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne from Christchurch.

Two airlines offer domestic service in the form of charter flights to the further reaches of New Zealand. Air Safaris offers flights to Lake Tekapo and Timaru. Vincent Aviation is able to fly passengers to Te Anau. Both of these charter airlines operate from the domestic terminal at Christchurch International Airport.

Travelers who are interested in flying to the Middle East can use Emirates Airlines to travel to Dubai. They can also use the airline for flights to Bangkok and Sydney. All Emirates flights originate from the international terminal.